Well hey there, visitor. Allow me to acquaint myself with you. My name is Jessie, and I'm the Early Bird.

I started up this little corner of internet that I might record my successes and failures as a wife, relate my joys and tribulations as a mother, and pen more than a little bit about nothing at all. Heck, it's a nice little space to just vent. 

Here's Sean, and this would be the Night Owl half of the dynamic duo. My mom gifted him these ever-so-subtle pj pants to assure him that mornings are not such a bad place, but it has yet to improve his opinion of them.

We met as mere children at the tender age of 18, when we were freshmen in college. We took the path of just friends for over a year before Sean scraped together some semblance of courage over coffee to ask me out. I swear I wasn't as intimidating as I certainly felt as he stammered a date proposal.

That led to this {bf/gf}

and eventually this {engaged!}
followed closely by this {wed}

followed even closer by this {parental roles}

This is our Jordan Elizabeth, the age of tender and temperamental two. Being her mother is like having my own sitcom - except I guess I'm more the Ethel to her Lucy. She has an outrageous flash-in-the-pan temper which is generally closely followed up by a careful "I fee' better now Mom" as the danger of consequences looms. She advises me to "check it ou'" when there's something cool afoot, you know, like how she lined up every piece of equipment in her kitchen set end to end. And she always keeps my best interests at heart, as evidenced by her daily concern that I "drink your cossee, Mom." An early appreciation for the necessity of caffeine, this one has. 
Jordan has been relishing her role as doting and smothering big sister to our newest addition


Weston "The Tank" James is our recent acquisition, and is a fat blob o' smiles and sleeplessness. Jordan's obsession with him is only rivaled by his for her. Their morning smile-offs make me nearly forget all his offenses from the night before. I sometimes catch him grinning hugely at Jordan from across the room when she's not even paying attention to him. "This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship"... and if I had to peg it I'd say Wes is the Humphrey Bogart and Jordan is the Claude Rains. Only because Wes plays it super cool most of the time and because Jordan can be amusingly sheisty on occasion. 

Thanks for popping in you guys. I hope you can stay awhile. 

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  1. What about the pumpkin patch photo?? :)

    Love it...you are all so cute!

    1. You're so right! I forgot about it cuz it was taken on Sean's phone. You wouldn't believe how long I trolled our archives looking for a family shot. We're horrible.

  2. Cute cute! I love the update!! And the family photo is adorable! :)

  3. woman. i love your new banner with the owls. so cute!

  4. thanks Jessie... all the stuff you added makes it look more awesome!

  5. Came over from Dwija's blog, I'm sure to be back!