Tuesday, December 24, 2013

may your days be

Currently, I am up to my savage, unplucked eyebrows in ham glaze, ginger cookie production, obsessive compulsive gift wrapping, and post partum hair loss. I place Weston on an unblanketed carpet for 28 seconds and he emerges with a fist full o'hair tightly locked in his hot dog fingers, and I can't go one feeding without finding strands stashed in his neck folds. A secure place for them, I might add. I'm fairly positive J. K. Rowling could safely hide a horcrux in his chins and no one would be the wiser.

I'm popping in to wish you all the very merriest of Christmases. For some reason, this year's Christmas season has been particularly flavored with good will toward men. I guess by that I mean good will towards me. I have had so many unexpected favors cast my way in the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to take the time to thank:

The lady in the Starbucks drive-thru the other day that paid for my drink and drove off. No reason, and no waiting around to be acknowledged for her kindness.

My sister, who popped in yesterday to let me run Christmas Eve Eve errands (like the irresponsible procrastinator that I am) sans Jordan, and cleaned my apartment sparkling in the hour that I was gone.

Kate, who knocked me off my tiny, unbalanced feet with a total surprise of a package. She handmade the sweetest stuffed animals I have ever, ever seen for both Weston and Jordan, and sent me the most amazing homemade chai blend I have tasted in life - a life replete with many a chai sampling, to be sure.

tell me you're not totally blown away
She casually mentioned she may post the recipe and it is up to us, her dedicated followers, to bother her everyday until this happens. It's for the good of mankind.
Then there's Chalayn. We haven't even met, she and I. But we chat a lot about Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights and Tim Riggins, and lo, she up and sends me this amazing package with hilarious handmade ornaments and ummmmmm coconut curry chocolate?? There is a chocolate genius that has made the world a better place, as Chalayn has made mine for introducing me to it. Consequently I see my jeans being a smaller place, as well.
A rhino and an elephant...wearing Santa hats and scarves. It's brilliant, you agree?
Oh and also, she is an amazingly talented sketch artist because I think she captured our likenesses perfectly:
Sean's wearing his smiley face jams from my About page which I haven't updated since Weston has been born because, shameless. And Jordan is appropriately bowl-cutted because her mother got a hold of some scissors last week:
and someone had to suffer the consequences..
What I'm trying to say is I've been the recipient of some truly wonderful gestures and friendships. There's something about an unexpected kindness that gives me a good will high all day. Or at least until Jordan throws each individual book all across her room again. I hope you are so fortunate to have friends and family such as these. It makes life a little Christmasier (<----- which really should be a superlative. If I were a lexicographer...)
Guys, have a great one. A really warm, fuzzy, spicy Christmas all around.
See you soon


  1. That first paragraph - so good.

    Kate is obviously a wonderful woman because she gave totally appropriate, thoughtful gifts to you and your children. Also chai tea is one of my favorite things (maybe I should take your advice and bug her everyday?). I AM totally blown away.

    If anyone can appreciate that chocolate, it's you, Jessie. I lol'd when I saw that you posted my stick drawing of your family. Definitely not my best work, but I'm glad it impressed you. ;) I'm also glad you realized that I got the smiley pajamas idea from your about page. I didn't want you thinking I'm some creep because I know what your husband's bedtime clothes look like. Also, I know I've seen you wear glasses (well, I've seen photos of you) but I probably should've drew you without them. Or I could stop analyzing a ballpoint pen stick drawing so much. I will go with that.

    Merry Day After Christmas! I'm glad you were blessed this season - you deserve it! :)

  2. Jessie - you do so much to make Christmas what it should be for our family. This year was especially impressive to me, with what you have on your plate.

    You are a great daughter, mom, and sister. May God Bless you, Sean, and the kids in 2014 and beyond.

    Your Proud Dad

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with the fam. Hugs and can't wait for our date.