Sunday, January 26, 2014

apple of her eye

A few days ago I was all geared up to write this fantastically optimistic post entitled something totally lame like "How Jessie Got Her Groove Back." I've never seen that movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back and the context of the title is probably inappropriate in some way and not at all related to what I was planning on writing about. Stella was probably trying to "find" herself in some Eat Pray Lovey type of way after some breakup or trauma or something, and ends up stumbling in to some off-the-cuff relationship that gives new life to her life. I'd imagine.

I, conversely, was going to tell you guys about how, yay! There's light somewhere down there at the end of that tunnel, and not the kind that they tell you not to go towards because it means you're dying. After an embarrassing number of months, I felt that I had finally groped and tripped and wobbled my way in to a routine of sorts with these two shifty-eyed fireballs. Not in small part because it seemed that Weston had somehow reconciled himself to the night and was only troubling me for one feeding, if you please mum, then returning right back to peaceful repose. 3:30 a.m. had never felt so exhilarating.

After committing the Queen Mother of All Mistakes and telling one or two people that it's happened! it's happened! The prodigal sleep has returned!...alakazam. My blue-eyed angel by day re-tapped into his red-headed hellion by night alter ego and here we are. Hi Square One. We've met.

This morning,* after a humdinger of a night, I shuffled to our Nespresso latte maker (thank you Lord Jesus for finally allying my tastebuds with coffee and its powers and thank you Sean's parents for gifting us this amazing machine of wonderment) and, in what I can only assume was done under the duress and disorientation of 4 feedings in 7 hours, I threw the coffee pod to the bottom of my mug and stared at it. As if it was going to bippity boppity boil me some brew. I came to, and put the pod in its rightful home and nestled the mug under the sacred drip thingy, then went to the utensil drawer and grabbed a fork...with which to spoon sugar into my coffee. Thus does the morning of a winner begin.

*this post took a little longer to write than expected. by "this morning," I mean "Friday morning."

And SO, instead of post Bright + Shiny, I give you the above preface - for which I hope you had some wine to accompany all that whine - AND a delicious Apple Yogurt pancake recipe kicker. Oh Joy pinned this yum a few days ago and Jordan and I have enjoyed it like four times in the last week. Funny little observation: this is what apple pancakes look in all their pinned glory

fresh figs and pure maple and you know you'd see this in some hipster café
THIS is Apple Pancake via Jess
as they say on The Pinterest: nailed it
Anyway, their lack of pleasing aesthetic does not make them any less desirable to eat, shockingly enough, and they actually make for a relatively healthy breakfast. When they say Apple Pancake they mean Apple Pancake - there are four apples and it makes like six pancakes. Very appley. Perhaps I should write apple a few more times. Apples.
I changed a couple of things from the original maaaiiinnnly because I'm lazy and who has time to boil apples? Not this guy. Unboiled apples still perform to my standards, but those are lowish so you can decide for yourself. Also, in the original recipe it orders you to "whisk flour, baking powder, salt and honey together," but after quadruple checking, it seems they forgot to tell us how much salt in the ingredients. I put in about 1/4 teaspoon, and it works out fine for me. Alright then:
4 apples, peeled and grated (I use 3 Granny Smith and 1 Fuji for mostly tart with a leetle sweet)
1 cup flour (I use all-purpose but I bet you've got something healthier lying around?)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon honey
1/4 teaspoon salt (as randomly decided upon by moi)
3 tablespoons Greek Yogurt (but I've been using plain whole milk yogurt from Trader Joe's)
1 egg
oil for frying (use coconut! the flavor has been fantastic)
butter & pure maple syrup
1// First combine the flour, baking powder, salt and honey. The first time I made this, I grated the apples first and they turned a little brownish by the time I finished the other instructions. Didn't affect the taste, I don't think, but it just doesn't look that pretty.
2// Add yogurt and egg and stir it allll up. Grate your apples and throw them on in. It will take a while to incorporate the apples fully because there are a LOT. And that's a good thing. Just make sure all your apple shreds are coated in the batter.
3// Heat up some coconut oil on your pan. Since I make this for Jordan and I (we've talked about how Sean don't eat no fruit, right?) I just fry them one at a time. But I'm sure you'll be more efficient. Throw a heaping spoonful of batter down, then flatten it all out. You know, like a pancake. This insures that the middle gets nice and cooked and the edges get nice and crispy.
4// On medium heat, these take about 3 minutes a side, I'd say. You be the judge. Once done, lay a nice thick slab of butter atop and dowse with some delish syrup. There are about 6-8 pancakes total, and we throw our leftovers in the fridge for next morning's breakfast. They keep nicely.
see, it's good.
Enjoy your Sunday. May your Masses be tantrum-free.


  1. Yes, been to the "I think we made it" point, only to take a plane trip with all the kiddos when baby was 7 weeks old and completely ruin our sleep cycle. I got to say hi to square one again as well:) I hope baby gets himself re-figured out and you get some sleep soon:)

  2. Those wee ones always have a way of making liars out of us. It can't last forever, Jess.

  3. A figure like his obviously requires round the clock maintenance!

    1. Ha! I never thought of it like that. We try to keep the babes in roly-poly form around here.

  4. I concur on the heating up coconut oil for cooking pancakes - it's the best! I don't know if you're into trying different (easy!) kinds of pancakes, but I have made both of these with success: vanilla pancakes that my husband actually liked and banana oatmeal pancakes that I like but my husband hasn't had the opportunity to try yet

    Also, no one has time to boil apples. I made a large quantity of apple products last year (pie filling on pie filling on pie filling) and didn't even peel the apples. I didn't have time for that! But apparently you're not supposed to do that and other, more domesticated women have given me the side-eye when I have bragged about my time-saving ingenuity.

    1. Darn... that second link didn't show up. Let me try this again! Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

  5. loved this post woman! i totally imagined you in your apartment making coffee. hearts.