Wednesday, March 5, 2014

relentless for lent

So, this happened. It happened in the ten minutes it took me to clean the kitchen after breakfast. The greater part of me thinks that this is hysterically funny. Jordan lines things up - it's her thing. Puzzle pieces, food pieces, shoes -

- and every single solitary stuffed animal in her possession. Then there's the part of me that sees this...and gives up. Why bother? Does anyone care if I clean? Does it matter if anything looks tidy? It's just we three for most of the day, and do you think the two year old and the 6 month of old give two poops?

I give two poops Mom. I tucked them in my diaper for you.

Nope, they don't. So should I?


I have been on this weird, incredibly productive clean/declutter bender for the last two weeks. In fact, Sean completely deadpanned to me the other day, "Jessie -(and he only calls me Jessie when it's serious. otherwise it's Jess)- are you pregnant?" And no, I'm not, but it's a valid question. It's been nesting on speed around here. What I've noticed is this: I feel better that I've done something tangible with my day. I'm happier, and I treat people (husband+kids) nicer. I'm more patient. It's glorifyingly freeing to be rid of so much junk that has smothered the atmosphere of this apartment for three years. My physical environment is cleaner, therefore my internal environment is at peace.

After some contemplation, I landed on my Lenten resolution(s). It's usually something like no sugar, no candy, no junk. That's hard for me, but I haven't been buying that kind of thing of my own accord for quite some time now. My only indulgence is Hershey's chocolate milk on the regulah. So I don't think it'd be much of a sacrificial change to give that up this year. I have decided to DO more. Vague? Let me clarify. I need to stop laying around waiting for the day to defeat me, because it inevitably will if I let it. Instead, I will be making a concerted effort to accomplish even the menial, the trivial, the mundane. Homecooked meals every night. (Right now you all are like, yeah duh. But for me, not duh. I know, I'm awful.) A clean bathroom. Books read to my kids - with all the voices and all the enthusiasm. A made bed. A carpet that knows the glorious feel of a vacuum blowing through its hair.

I'm not saying all at once and I'm not saying burn out or exhaust myself. I'm saying, do something everyday! I want this place to become a welcoming environment. I want my babies to have good memories of Mom when she was young and of their very first home. I want Sean to not come home to me watching Finding Nemo alongside my young while the kitchen produces nothing but a feast of squalor in its undone dishes and unwiped counters.

I know, I know. Lent isn't about doing things for you, it's about giving things to God. That's what I'm hoping to do with this Lenten plan, though. I intend to DO in God's name, for my family's sake. Double whammy, see. So, in the words of this shirt that I absolutely must buy:

I wish you all a blessed Ash Wednesday and a successful Lent.


  1. I love Jordan's organizational skills!!! I think your Lenten resolution is fantastic.

  2. Good for you! Is it customary to buy yourself a Lent present after doing such a good job? Kidding.... I mean, I really know very little about Lent but I assume since it's FOR GOD that you don't get to buy yourself a present. Anyway, I like that shirt. It sounds like you are carpe'ing all the diem in your house and that's awesome. I'm a little jealous actually. I have no good excuses for my messes, my TV watching, or my self-defeating so you're inspiring.

    I like Jordan's art installations. When I was a youngin' I folded all of the towels and lined them up like bricks towards the door. I called it the "Towel Brick Road". Nothing like the Yellow Brick Road, I assure you! I'm not a plagiarist.*

    *I kind of am.

  3. Yes. All of it. I really have no excuse for the condition of my home except my laziness, and I always feel better when I get something cleaned or accomplished. The trick for me is to figure out how to manage my time better so I get my stuff done while keeping my expectations realistic, so I don't feel guilty when I don't get everything on my list crossed off. It's a balancing act that I'm still working on.