Wednesday, October 9, 2013

new best friends

Now for some things that are fast becoming staples around here, as I and my diminutive cohorts grasp about for a routine. I'll write them here then send them hence to Hallie's.

1// Language Comprehension Skills

In truth, there are many things about having a toddler hanging about that make the care of a new infant pretty difficult. However, there are also some really great perks, particularly if said toddler has taken a shining to said infant. I can't tell you how many times a day I go to change one of Weston's diaper bombs, get sat and settled on the floor with a half nakie baby, and I've forgotten to grab the wipes. Not only does Jordan understand what I need, she gets unnaturally psyched to help out. She yells "Oh! Yeah!!" and scrams to the next room, bringing back the prize with a prideful smile. Same goes for diapers, onesies, binkies, and so forth. She's become quite the helper and the responsibility is going right to her head.

2// Drive Thru's

This bears some explanation. I'm actually quite staunchly and patronizingly disapproving of fast food - the glaring omissions here being an In n' Out cheeseburger with grilled onions and (cue chagrin) the occasional M&M McFlurry. If the day has been appropriately lousy, you understand. I mostly always keep food that is fast from my lumbering frame. What I actually mean here is: did you know there are things like drive-thru pharmacies? 20th century Jessie just found out. I went to fill a thrush prescription for a then-seriously-pissed-off Weston when what should I eye at Walgreen's, but a drive-thru. This saved me from withstanding a pharmacy queue sporting a flattering shade of flustered whilst trying to bounce poor Wes to complacency.

Also ummmm Starbucks drive-thru's. A couple of months ago one went up around the corner from us. Coffee stops are such a quick errand that I normally wouldn't justify the time to get two kids out of carseats and back in them just for the five minutes it takes to grab the addictive substance. But driving thru? A blessing and a wallet curse. Which brings me to...

3// Caffeine

I found this on Google Images, and am so amused people get this excited over a couple pumps of orange syrup

We might need to finally get me that Members Only jacket to the Mom's Club because I'm thiiiis close to enjoying coffee. Right now I'm mostly masking the flavor with, say, pumpkin spice or caramel or toffee nut, but this morning - after a real doozy of a night with Weston - I added an extra espresso shot by way of necessity and it...wasn't terrible. Step aside, chai-obsessed Jess of yesteryear. There's a new girl in town. And she's tired.

but why, Mom?


You gotta give it to TJ's, they really delve into the season. Which, by the way, is my very favorite one. Today was deliciously chilly, windy, and heavenly, with a little drizzle to boot. Jordan pulled out her "khakit" (jacket) and "cuuuute boots, mom" and we had ourselves a TJ's excursion, where we encountered this

all the pumpkin

Pumpkin ale, pumpkin butter, pumpkin granola bars, pumpkin crackers. Oddly enough, I didn't make even one pumpkin purchase - opting instead for the autumn apple route that I might try my hand at some homemade sauce. Prepare to be pored over, Pinterest. I'm in the serious market for the perfect sauce.

I heart you, Joe's. I'll procure some of your pumpkin wares next time, promise.

5// Tell me this infant position is not your absolute fave

Mostly I find it so entertaining because I try to imagine a fully grown human pushing his bum that far in the air to sleep. Why do they do this? I know not, but it cracks me straight up.

PS it looks like Wes' face is buried in the mattress - but I assure you it's not. When he sleeps on his tummy I'm right next to him. (At night he's in the bedside rocker.) He loves a tummy nap though - from the sounds of it because he's working out some issues going on in there. A lovely post-nap diaper always awaits me.

So! These are the days of our lives lately. You should go visit Hallie's roundup now.


  1. Several things.


    I'm so proud of you for getting out so much! You act like it ain't no thang and I'm expecting to NEVER leave my house for like the first - oh - 3 months after baby girl shows up.

    For all my green-hippy talk, I'm a sucker for all things animal style and DQ Blizzards.

    And I'm glad you said what you did about Wes's hazardous sleeping position because I was gonna rally some other overly zealous mothers and we were TOTALLY going to say something about it.

    But in all seriousness: I'm very interested to see how good of a sleeper your little man ends up being. If he's as good as Jordan, you're going to have to write a sleep e-book or something. But until then: embrace the extra espresso!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad that you have a little helper - even if it's going to her head. :)

    Coffee? As you may know, I'm a chai-lover too but those flavorings they add to lattes are making me think I might almost, not really, might be close to liking the taste of coffee. Don't count me in yet though because I'm still trying to limit myself (for my wallet's sake, mostly).

    Trader Joe's! Oh, how I wish you were closer to me! You know how you have to drive 40ish minutes to get a spicy mocha? Well that's how far I have to drive for TJ's so that means I go there about twice a year, which isn't enough. It's probably time for a bi-annual trip so I can stock up on pumpkin. And, hey, have they ever tricked you with how they sell their bananas individually, rather than by the pound? Because I thought I was getting such a killer deal, buying like 20 bananas, when really, it's just a normal price for bananas. Oh well, I still love TJs.

    P.S. I still haven't mailed you your little gift yet. I have it! It's sitting on my dresser, taunting me every day because I pride myself on putting things off and making things out to be more difficult than they are ("...but I have to write her a nice note! And I have to put it in an envelope! And I have to go to the post office!"). I'm a pathetic e-friend. Please don't give up on me.

  3. I like how Jordan is holding her feet like a baby. Nat does that. : )