Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the next chapter

Yesterday, I quit my job.

Well, quitting sounds like I was disgruntled or something awful happened. Really, I think I more "retired." I don't know if I've ever mentioned this here, but for the last seven years I've worked for my dad and uncles' insurance agency. My grandpa founded it in the '50s and my dad and all of his siblings run the business. It's been a blessing of a job. I have been able to work and learn with my amazing family, and a staff of really awesome ladies that I'm lucky to call friends. The management has always accommodated my quirked out schedule, has been more than understanding about last minute sick days for myself or Jordan, and has thrown me not one but TWO baby showers. I mean, good people here.

After much debate, number crunching, hemming and hawing, Sean and I concluded that, since he's landed this new job with a better salary, I am able to finally come home to the babies. Both sweet and bitter, this determination. I live but two minutes down the road from my work, so popping in for a visit will be no problem. It won't be the same, however, as ambling down the hallway and throwing a "hi Dad" at his office, or being able to walk four feet towards Kimmy's cubicle to give her the latest on my feelings.

In the spirit of honesty, I'm daunted. This new season of my life...it's thrilling and exciting and truly exactly what I want to do with it. I know that growing up with a mother that was able to stay home and raise me and my siblings has impacted my life greatly for the good. I want to give that to these fools

plus someone has to save Weston's life every hour on the hour

but I know, and am a bit afraid of, how much work is before me. Important important work! This article that Ana put me on to (THANK you Ana) says it all. I am these kids' anything and everything, for a few years anyway. Jordan has to learn potty skills, counting abilities, language comprehension, manners, reverence and prayers, and maybe some normalcy? from me:

ok, let's start with counting then

And Weston, well, pretty much this pin sums up Wes' needs as of now:


So yes, I am now unemployed. And thus begins what I think may be a more challenging career. That's not a shot at the working girl! or the working mom! Heck, that was my jam for seven years up until yesterday. All I mean is: I'm confident that I'll be hitting up God for a little/lotta extra patience, vast amounts of know-how, and some vigorous self-motivation. Up until this point, I was just on "maternity leave." Now, well, this is happening.

just you wait, Mom

Seasoned vets, leave your very best counsel below. Because here I go: carpe crazy.


  1. It's important to realize how important your role/vocation as a mother is, but don't dwell on it or you'll freak out. At least, you will if you're anything like me. ;) it can be overwhelming to think of everything I should be doing to teach my kids, when sometimes we scrape by on the barest minimum of efforts. One day at a time, you'll be great.
    And that pic of Jordan? Fantastic.

  2. The one thing I learned after leaving my job and staying home with the kids is that you need to have other stay-at-home mom friends. I was very lonely at first and it was quite depressing. But I finally got up the courage and joined a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and found just what I needed - lots of moms with babies and kids. We had meetings twice a month where childcare was provided and we had playdates and moms nights out. It was so nice! And even though my kids are 9 and 10 and in school all day now, some of my closest friendships were formed in that group. Good luck! All of the hard work will be worth it!

  3. This is awesome!!! I'm so happy for you!

    I mean, I know that it won't be easy (and it's certainly not easy being a mom and having a job outside the home - I don't want to offend any hardworking moms out there!) but I just think that's such a wonderful blessing, to your children especially, to be able to stay home with them. You're the best person for this job. ;)

  4. Congratulations!! You didn't retire, you got promoted! So exciting it's finally official!!

  5. Those kids are so lucky to have you, Jess. Welcome to the world of SAHMs! Wish I lived there so we could have kiddie playdates and coffee!

  6. So happy for you woman. And I still get to see you, even if not a cubicle away!

  7. For me, the biggest challenge is grappling with the fact that something that seems pretty easy (and definitely doesn't get much credit from the rest of the world) is actually - on many days - anything but. Once I sat down and made myself identify WHY it is challenging, it helped me manage the frustrations a lot better! Here's my list, in case it helps. http://findingformerglory.blogspot.com/2013/10/sahm-my-five-biggest-challenges.html