Monday, November 4, 2013

milestones, or something

My inner monologue since my last post has been something along the lines of "the pillows lining my under-eyes have gotten so that if I smile they threaten to block out my pupils completely, but at least some pillows are being put to use around here." or "I recently discovered chocolate milk + Bailey's and it's changed my mornings delicate after-dinner drinking, but I need to be make sure I'm heavy-handed with the Bailey's rather than the milk because Weston doesn't like lactose."

And also, this morning I sported the baggiest sweatshirt I have with the comfiest sweats I own and my faux-fur lined Target. For all intents and purposes, I was in my jam-jams. I supplemented this showstopping look with sopping shower hair run through with some gel that promised beachy waves, and nary a stroke of make-up on my face canvas. Public meltdowns (compliments of mainly the toddler but occasionally the infant) have accustomed me to stares from fellow shoppers, so it was actually a welcome change of pace to get side glances caused by my outfit rather than my young. Further, I answered the door in this getup and chatted up the magazine subscription solicitors for a good fifteen minutes. Social interaction much?

Anyway, I can't say that these, my recent happenings, have made for good blog fodder. But during my blogging sabbatical I missed a couple of milestones, so I'm here to impart them for posterity.

1// Blogaversary (blogiversary? blogoversary? not a real word so why do I care about correct spelling?)

October 26 marked my one year of blogging. Here's my first post, replete with tiny thumbnail pics of my tiny thumbnail Jordan. What a difference a year makes:

2// I didn't do a Halloween post to show you the costuming and gallivanting! Because lazy. Here's last year when Jo went as Little Red Riding Hood and Weston went as Not Even Conceived Yet. And below are this year when a theme is (hopefully) apparent:

 "tit-a-teating" (yes, I'm aware. totally inappropriate.)
 Toto is the basket's only occupant. Dorkthy already downed the first few houses' candies.
 "this is so not Kansas"
"If I only had a brain" and his heartless mother Tin Man

I feel I should also mention, because it's part of "recent," that this guy

he slays me. He can (and often does) cry for interminable periods; he can be the neediest, pansiest little mama's boy; he can request to be nursed for what seems like it must be hours and hours. Then he slips me his James Franco-esque squint-eye smile, like so

and all is forgiven. He is my 15 pound bucket of colic, with a side of the sweetest personality this side of the no-sleep zone. Oh you read that right. The fat, fat, fat child is clear through his wardrobe up to 6 months. He only wears 6-9 monthers or above, and it's increasingly hard to feed him on the papasan chair because he stretches from one side to the next. Jordan was so dainty until she was at least a year (when her stomach discovered its ability to rival Charles Laughton's), so raising Sasquatch is a little unnerving. And I love it.

Jordan in all of this? Smack dab in the middle, being a shockingly excellent sister. She constantly wants to "pay Wesson" (play with Weston), or "song on, dancey Wesson" - a form of entertainment involving many many uncoordinated toddler dance moves performed before the very very perplexed infant while he sits in his bouncy musical chair. She is also very savvy regarding my wits-end levels, as evidenced by her encouraging Wes to "knock i'off" in the car, where he is at his screamingest worst.

There's the mishmosh that is my brain. I'd say you asked for it, but you did not. Thanks for stopping along the way anyway. Now go and marvel that it is November - NOVEMBER. I'm still stuck in summer so I'm a little in awe that I can get peppermint mochas at Starbucks right now. (ooooo... peppermint mochas.)


  1. it in your genes??? The kids are so cute. I can't believe how big Weston is already. He'll be carrying you around soon.

  2. Holy cow, Weston is huge! You must be putting in some major nursing hours! Way to go, mama :)

  3. The Halloween costumers are adorable! And "tit-a-teating"? Priceless!!!

  4. Peppermint mochas! I haven't had one yet but I'm hoping my bus will "make a Starbucks run" and get me one. Maybe today?

    I like the mental images you created here with your descriptions of morning Bailey's (hold the lactose), the daytime pajamas (my favorite!), talking with the magazine subscription peddler, and the sleepless nights. I don't know if you're a hugger, but I am, and I'd like to give you one right now.

    Oh! And I love the themed costumes. Good job, Jessie. :) If my husband didn't hate having his photo taken so much (and hate it being posted online even more... sigh....) then I would blog about our themed costumes.

  5. the mention of target and baileys in the first two paragraphs really just brought me back to 'if only target had a bar'- well, we would probably have more dates there. it might also make the public meltdown less of an issue. especially if they made kids drinks. wink wink. hehe.

  6. Aw, congrats on your blogoversary!

  7. Happy blogoversary...I can NOT believe you started a year ago already! Remember when we were working with Parul?? Also, that last pic is so precious.

  8. So great to "read-up" on your life! Looks like the whole family is doing well :) Love you guys! Lets plan a get together soon!