Wednesday, July 10, 2013

fave five

I'm linking up with Hallie today, because that's how I, er, roll. (If only I were speaking figuratively but have you seen me lately?)

1// Blanqi??

Ok here's my scoop with the Blanqi Bodystyler for pregnants. The only thing I asked Sean for on my birthday a couple weeks ago was this Bodystyler. I sent him the link, the size, the color, everything. I was determined to have one. I had heard rave reviews, particularly from Anna (who BY the way, is one of the models on Blanqi's homepage and looks drop.dead.gorgeous.) and was dying to try it out. I wanted it to smooth out those extra squiggles in my increasingly hulking frame while aiding my posture - which reallyreally wants to droop with the extra weight - and supporting my back. All touted perks of the Blanqi.

So. I like the Blanqi - I do! It definitely shapes and kinda just glosses over those coughcoughlovehandlescoughcough that I've acquired. It makes me feel slightly more secure about clothing choices. It holds me in without stifling or suffocating. But. I don't love the Blanqi like I thought I would. I probably would love it if it was $30, but it was $73 after shipping, and I haven't felt that back support I was yearning after.

Just in case you're in the market, that's my own personal view. I am glad I have the Bodystyler, so it gets a spot in my faves this week. And there are tonnnnnns of women who are very lovestruck by the Blanqi, so take my sixpence, but you may be none the richer.

2// Monogrammed Rings

In which camp do you pitch your tent? Are you one of those that thinks jewelry (or tattoos or what have you) sporting your kids' names is super lame? I - obviously - kinda like it. Nothing extravagant or showy, mind you. Sean bought me these from this Etsy shop that have Jordan's and the boy's name on them. (You don't get to know that one yet, snickersnicker.) I adore the craftsmanship of the rings, but it's a leetle bit hard to recommend the shop itself, which has a turnaround time of 6 weeks posted on their site (they do tell you that upfront, full disclosure and all that) but an actual turnaround time of nearly 9. These were supposed to have been a Mother's Day gift from Sean....

3// New Politics: Harlem

I gotta say, this song gives me a two and half minute jolt of life unparalleled by any caramel macchiato or chai latte side effects. These crazies are from Denmark or someplace and they are CHOCK full of the energies. I feel a little like I could go all Donald O'Connor and backflip off the side of a wall

but I'm pretty sure my belly would impede the success of that endeavor. (Oddly enough, the New Politics lead singer totally pulls a Donald O'Connor on a subway pillar in the music video.)

4// DEX

He's back. 

This show is gritty, yes. Yes it is. I am the definition of the faint of heart so I have to close my eyes through some of the gorier scenes. But Dexter is gripping, gripping I tell you! Sean and I started them from the beginning together, so we've seen Dex through it all. This is the last season, and two episodes in tells me it's gonna be killer. Pun intended? You decide.

Oh hey, remember this? Me too. The day after my (pretty much literal) meltdown, I determined we would get an AC unit for our window. Sean did some Amazon digging and found this box fan with good reviews, then I found it for like half the price at our local Home Depot. (Amazon has it for $34.99, I got it for $17.) It isn't just good you guys. It is..amazing. There's actually a CHILL in the room! I forgot what those felt like. We have it resting in the window frame, pulling in the outside air, and it turns it into chilly delicious goodness. I mean, I even have to put the blanket on the top half of my body. (Never ever the feet. They're constantly ablaze.) Go get one! It be burnin' out there.

That's what I got for you today. Late in the day, per uush. (<--- is that a legit way to shorten "usual"?) Hopefully there are those that scan link-ups from the bottom up, because I'm always bringing up the rear over at Hallie's. Be gone with you, she's got better ones over there.


  1. Love the rings! Well, the one I can see anyway. ;)

  2. i heart those rings too. also, totally dig the new politics too. dexter- have not seen, but maybe will have to pick it up after breaking bad ends.
    this post totally made me smile. you are quite funny.

  3. Dexter is SO GOOD this season...and dare I say, Dex is extra sexy this season too.