Friday, June 7, 2013

accidentally on purpose?

You won't believe what Jordan did last night. You won't believe it because I don't really believe it.

Background: about a month ago I bought this DVD to accompany my lofty first-time-parenting goals of potty-training Jordan before her brother comes on to the scene. It's the movie my mom used for my younger siblings and it seemed to do the trick from what I recall. The theme song will stick with you until your dying day though. And it might even bring your dying day on a little sooner than expected. Steel nerves be yours if you purchase the potty video.

So I set the girl up on a little potty chair that was $12 at Target and painted to look like a frog. (Is this imagery supposed to encourage the process? I'm puzzled by the logic.) I popped in the obnoxious and plopped next to her for some quality potty bonding time. We danced along with all the toddlers who were excitedly circling their own potty chairs; we bobbed our heads to the never-ending theme song, and we semi-attentively listened to the training portion in which Jordan gets a quick and dirty anatomy lesson in cartoon form.

We've done this a few times now over the last couple weeks with a big fat nothing to show. As I expected really, it's a little early? But last night as we were winding down for her bedtime, Jordan climbed next to me on the couch with her bottle and asked for the "bah-ee." I've become something of a translating genius in toddler speak so I knew she wanted to watch the "potty" video. Sean was home; it could be like a wholesome family date.

I don't know if it was the extra presence and the pressure to perform or if it was just good timing, but Jordan peed in the flippin' potty. I could not possibly have been more shocked. I didn't think she was so much absorbing the content of the potty video as delighting in the overly enthusiastic half-naked toddlers in the theme song portion. I f-r-e-a-k-e-d out, generously doled out much too high-pitched praises that I'm sure neighbors' dogs could hear a couple miles away, hugged Jordan repeatedly, and walked her over to the real potty to dispose of her urinary efforts. I gave her two chocolate chips - because that's how magnanimous I am - and was sure to reinforce how "PROUD OF YOU!!" I was.

commemorative nakey shot: post-pee, mid-celebration

I'm leaning towards the this-was-coincidence campfire, but of course I'm going to take this success and run with it. I texted my mom the news and sent pictures, as all well-adjusted first-time potty-training mothers will do. I have great plans for loading Jo up on some liquids this morning and demanding a repeat performance. And look, I've blogged about it. Jenny tells us that this is grounds for regress.

In other news, I think I'll throw in a fave post over at Grace's. To be honest, I don't really have much of a favorite - not so much because I think everything I write is solid diamond, as much as sometimes I read my archives and think, wow, 30-something other people have agreed to read this stuff? But I forgot to acknowledge that I hit my 100th post (oh look, it's about potty. I am a pony possessing perhaps two tricks, at most.) so I thought I'd belatedly acknowledge such a feat by reflecting upon some of my blogcomplishments. I'm linking this post because a) I think it's really what finally convinced me to start a blog - so I could complain on a public forum!! and b) I really love me some Chicken Run. You should head over to Grace's and check some o' the others.

It's Friday! Yessssss!! You have yourself a good one.


  1. Nothing like quality family time at your house: watching half-naked babies do potty dances while you're all (all of you, right?) are sitting on the toilet. The joys of parenthood!

  2. Accident or not, it is a positive step and one less diaper to change. Right? Good luck on continued success.

  3. happy 100th post. also, i hope you guys now have an official potty dance. nothing like a little celebrating. i think you totally got this by the august arrival.