Wednesday, June 12, 2013

fave five

Hey there. It's Wednesday and I thought I'd skip on over to Hallie's today for a few favorites. What else are Wednesdays for (but to taunt me that I'm only halfway through the workweek)?

1// First on my list has got to be reserved for this lass

My sister Audrey, formerly the cutest and smiliest baby that was ever birthed, has grown into an eighteen year old high school grad who chose those flats (with taped up soles) to be the only part of her personal wardrobe that would be showing at graduation. I expect nothing less either.

Auds isn't one to follow trends or care what people think of her. She wears my dad's knit sweaters and doesn't brush her hair. She is a live music junkie and an AP Calculus student. She picked up piano a couple of years ago on her own motivation, and now has a partial musical scholarship to a college that she scouted out, researched, visited, and got accepted into. She listens to Peter, Paul and Mary and Tom Waits on her years and years old record player. She is...Auds.

So sitting through alllllll these

to catch this gem of a shot

(pro-tography is in my future, think you?)

isn't as much a chore as graduations tend to be, when you have such a sister to be proud of.

2// That was a really long favorite, sorry 'bout that. How about:

Benedict Cumberbatch

Sean and I saw the new Star Trek movie a couple weeks ago. I'm about the furthest thing from a Trekkie (did I even spell that right?) and have never sat through a full episode of one, so I know zero nada about any of the storylines. Sean tells me that Kahn (as portrayed by Cumberbatch) is something of a super-villain in Trekkery and I looked at this guy and thought, Really? So slight of stature and maybe even on the ninny-looking side.

Then, he SPOKE. Dude, his voice joins the ranks of Charleston Heston and Alan Rickman and Orson Welles. Deep, rich, powerful reverberance that makes you think, now there's a villain. So my second favorite is...Benedict Cumberbatch's voice? Yep.

3// Anna at IHOD's Clean Green Smoothie

(her graphic via Pinterest)

Holy healthy, this was flippin' delicious. I followed the directions pretty much exactly, plus added probably 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries. I also froze my sliced up pear the night before because I like my smoothies extra cold. Jordan and I chowed on this, it was so so yummy. Two glasses apiece, I tell you, and there was extra left over. And then we had the leftovers the very next morning. I'll be doing this one again and again.

4// Upcycling

I 100% put that word in for Sean's benefit. He is annoyed to the nth with the word "upcycling." "That's one of your bloggy, pinny, made-up words, isn't it?" Be that as it may, I took these old, never-wear don't-care jeans and cut them off at the knees for some Bermudas. Sean even helped me actually. An upcycling aider and abetter. I like them a whole bunch, and since they're from my past heavier years and therefore roomier than I'd care to recall, they're perfect for my current pregnant bottom.

5// Patio living/Summer living

The weather has been GLORIOUS. Glorious. (Don't get hotter, Southern California.) So we have been eating dinner on our partially-revamped-almost-done patio every night. It's perfection. We're eating better, healthier, and cheaper, and we're all three of us enjoying each other's company in the cool fresh air. 


It's no backyard, but it's what we've got. And right now, it's pretty nice.

So that's it for me. Are these supposed to be quick faves? If so, I fail. I'm nothing if not garrulous. But if you go to Hallie's I'm sure you'll happen upon some better bloggers with thriftier favorites. Enjoy this Wednesday friends.


  1. Ooooo la la! Look at those patio pillows! Between your sewing and your jorts (I make myself a pair every year!) you are truly an UPCYCLER. ;)

  2. Wait, this is your first experience of Benedict Cumberbatch? YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SHERLOCK?? Get yourself to Netflix Instant posthaste (or however you choose to view episodes of the best TV series in recent history):

  3. Where is Auds headed off for college? Yeah to her.

    Love the look of the patio so far.

  4. I throughly enjoyed this one. I LOVE the patio. We just signed a new lease yesterday (!!) and it had a patio (!!) so I will now be joining you in the fun :)

  5. i have been drinking that smoothie all week. so glad i saw you pin it. i have a lazy quickie version i make as well. frozen blueberries, handful of spinach, kiwi, milk, agave. so good. this morning i also threw in some raspberries. mmmmm mmmmm good. can't wait to see the patio.