Saturday, June 8, 2013

simple saturday, simple birthday

I received an email invitation from Iris to join her Simple Saturday link-up, and thought, why not do a short and sweet and simple post for my always too short, oftentimes sweet, and generally simple Saturday? Further, guess why this is just the perfect Saturday to link with her? Because this boy

is 27 today. It is the husband's birthday today, and he is still every bit as hick as portrayed in this photo. (Current favorite beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon. Current favorite music artist: Eric Church.)

Sean and I have been together eight years and married for nearly three. While I have seen him make significant, formative changes from the college-partying good-time-charlie that I first knew as just a friend, he is still in many (important) ways still this boy

oh he is going to kill me for this one. isn't it delicious? SIDEBURNS

He is still my bestie. He still (sometimes infuriatingly) maintains his cool when I want to freak! out! about! stuff!... that may or may not be particularly related to my pregnant hormones. He is still my most valuable confidante. He still makes me crack up with his ridiculously unique and totally quirked out sense of humor. And I still love holding hands with him as much as that time on our first date when he leaned over in the theater and shakily asked me, "Hey, is it cool if we hold hands?" (That was such a moment for me, you guys.)

And he has overwhelmed me with how great a dad he is. I knew he would be a good one (heck, I wouldn't have married him if I didn't think so) but I guess, with his utter lack of any experience with children whatsoever, I didn't expect the excellence that he exhibits every single day. Man he loves this girl

and man, she loves him back.

So, I guess I simply want to say, Happy Birthday Sean. I love you, and may we always be 19 together (minus perhaps the beer-chugging capacity...)

(oh hey, eyebrows.)

Now go and link up with Iris!


  1. So sweet. Gave me a lump in my throat. I'm serious. Happy birthday Sean!

  2. Happy birthday to Sean! Looks like he's lucky to have you ;) Thanks for linking up!

    ~ Country Girl's Daybook

  3. Happy birthday, Sean. May you two enjoy sharing many more birthdays together.

  4. So sweet! Happy Birthday, Sean!