Wednesday, September 11, 2013

five faves - the newborn edition

This week has been nice and slow as we brought our new guy back home and introduced him around. Even with the leisurely pace of it all, I've been hard up to find time to sit down and write. To ease myself back into blogging I thought I'd jump in on Hallie's weekly roundup which, incidentally, is being hosted over at The Camp. I give you: the five favorites of having a wee newborn of the masculine persuasion.

1// Weston James

in his ultra masculine hand-me-down rocker

Let's start with the basics, may I? This boy is definitely a fave. A lanky, hefty, hungry, ginger-haired fave. He bleats like a tiny lamb when he's hungry, belches like a crude Dreamworks cartoon character when he's done, and cuddles so deep into my chest I feel like he's on the inside again. He gained 10 ounces and 3/4 an inch in four days so if he decides to pursue this rate of change I'll have an Andre the Giant for a 3 year old. No matter how tight the swaddle, he never fails to successfully free one of his managerial little hands and tries to orchestrate his every feeding. He hinders the process exponentially but his desire for involvement makes me laugh every time. This guy.

2// The Sibling Bond

I believe I could fill several journals and pen fourscore posts on how Jordan has been manifesting her discomfort over such a drastic change coming upon her home. But I take great solace in it's being taken out on Sean and I, rather than her new brother. She has been a handful x 12 with her drop-of-a-pin tantrums, blatant disobedience, and gleeful defiance, but oh my gosh, she loves her brother. She calls him "Wuh-shtee" or "Bud-Dee" (Sean and I have a habit of calling all male things "bud" or "buddy") and not 5 minutes goes by when she doesn't want to "hodey baby" (hold the baby). I'm in love with their relationship already.

Switching gears to products really quick - these are THEE best swaddle blankets. My dear friend Meg got me the above 2-pack and the color scheme is my dream (aqua, pale gray and crimson) and the size and breathability of these suckers are spot-on. They are truly wonderful and Weston has been wrapped in one or the other of them since birth. 

4// Meals on Wheels or whatchamacallit

Friends and family alike have been stocking our fridge like it has never seen before. Sean and I aren't great at meal planning yet and it never looks like we have more food than a couple meals' worth - but this last week! Feasts and leftovers for days. Delicious savory pot roasts, gooey and positively evil chocolate chip cookies, tri-tips, fruit salads, and oh, the guacamole, soft cheeses and other ridiculous snacks that are lining our insulated shelves! I'm the luckiest.

5// My new fam

Sean's first day back at work was today - oh the prayers that I need - so we've had a week and a half to explore our new dynamic. Know what? It's fantastic.

Hasty sign-off due to one-handed typing due to starving, eager latcher. Grace has more!


  1. Aren't newborns the best? Good luck with your husband back to work. I'm sure you'll get your new routine down in no time!

  2. These are now MY five favorites...I love this post. And I'm so happy you are liking the blankets! Love you.

  3. This is precious. You have so much to be thankful for. :)

    At the risk of sounding like a nitpicker (I'm not! Well, maybe I am, but this instance doesn't bother me, I'm just trying to inform) but Meals on Wheels is a food delivery service for old people. I volunteered for CAP and drove around to deliver the terrible looking, processed food to the elderly. Sounds like your food is better than microwaved mixed veggies and factory chicken. Yay for nice friends who take care of you all!

    Also, Jordan and Weston are so cute together. However, it sounds like she's being a real Julie Taylor lately. Respect your parents, JORDA!

  4. Great list!
    Lovin the pictures ~ thank you for sharing!

  5. He is so, so precious! I'm with you on the swaddles - that brand is the best!

  6. I am loving the sibling photos! So sweet.

  7. Awww. So cute woman! Love these faves!