Thursday, August 8, 2013

how life is like a zoo

Here's the thing. I'm on maternity leave now. I thought that this meant I'd have more time to sit down for a second and write a flippin blog post. I thought this meant that maybe there would be a micrometer or more relaxation involved. Cue crazy Matt Damon laugh. Starting with Saturday, there has been a new project, a different undertaking, a fresh piece of crazy bubbling to the surface of my nesting soul. Actually, you should see what we've done to this place - and you will - but we got rid of the couch (praise be and hallelujah) before the new one arrived from eBay and I'm currently sitting on the papasan chair, which holds the distinguished position of the only piece of sitting furniture in the room.

The point is, I'm busier now than one week ago, when I was gainfully employed. I've been spray painting wicker baskets (don't ask), potting succulents on the patio (I'm still going to show you the patio before/after photos, cross my heart), displacing every piece of furniture in Jordan's room trying to make room for another child (proving to be slightly impossible), Goodwilling the crap out of this apartment, making real food from real scratch, and trying to slip in some quality play time with Jordan. I'm finding out that stay-at-home moms work their bums off - not that I didn't think so before! but now I know firsthand.

As you may know, my first day of actual maternity leave was Jordan's2nd  birthday. Therefore my first stay-at-home mothering enterprise was a birthday trip to the zoo. I brought my mom, two sisters and a cousin as backup because you just never know how dangerous an outing can be with a 2 year old right? Well Jordan pulled a Disneyland and was totally unimpressed with the all of the wonderment of exotic animals.

Ok well first we had birthday doughnuts at my sister's apartment. We cared about that part

"I only require the chocolate frosting of the doughnut thanks. The rest is stuff and nonsense."

So now that the important task has been accomplished, it was time to don her could-care-less face.

 oh, not only giraffes but baby giraffes too?
yeah, ok mom.

is that gorilla sunbathing?
I don't care

 an Asian elephant you say?
yeah mom, but I see you everyday

Jordan showed most enthusiasm by far in this animal that basically just looked like a cat with fox ears. It probably weighed 8 pounds and you could probably find it on a local hiking trail around here. (Alright it's probably actually some rare species and I'm projecting my bitterness onto its unimpressive stature.)

We also may have forced Jordan to pose with her kind:

it's funny because she looks like a monkey

On the upside, she discovered a new activity that sucked all of her time, devotion and enthusiasm:

pushing her own stroller

These were my favorites, but my sister had to ruin it for me:

Peruvian penguins
Jessie: "it's cute when they swim, but I kind of like to watch them walk around."
Audrey: "oh, because you can relate?"
(that's a shot at my waddling. in case that wasn't clear.)

We followed up our zoo foray with The Spot Burger in Carpinteria, which is only burger in the land. And shakes in the land.

and ketchup in the land.

And then all of that boredom caused this on the way home:

So. Happy 2nd birthday to thee, Jordan. I'm so glad I could oblige with something truly special and memorable.

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  1. Ha! :) "It's funny because she looks like a monkey." I just... I don't know what to say. But that made me lol on the inside. (I'm at work - can't have any real lawls here.)

    What does this burger place do to make their ketchup so special? Is it homemade? My stepdad has a very mature palate and claims he can tell the difference between his favorite (Heinz) and any off-brand ketchup. Spoiler alert: he can't. We were at a restaurant and he just KNEW that it was Heinz. So we asked the poor, unsuspecting waiter and he came back and said it was House Recipe - made my cafeteria food moguls Sysco. Just wondering if you are a ketchup connoisseur too.