Thursday, March 21, 2013

fave five

I have lots of random things piling up in different pinholes of my brain that I want to blog about, but dear Lord, these last two weeks. I've been struggling to find a spare second to pee (slightly important these days), so blogging has taken economy class in the Boeing of my life. But these last two weeks aren't really what I wanted to blog about; I'll spare you the sob story <---- with my ever mounting hormone levels, that's not even really a figure of speech. No really.
The other day I called my mom to confirm that she could pick Jordan up from her sitter's and I started crying. I. Am. Losing. It.

Instead, I thought up some shtuff to rather tardily throw in over at Hallie's. It's fun! You should try it.

1. 1920's

Why Clara Bow, the original for which the term "It Girl" was coined? My mind is a mysterious beast, friends. Since I've been helping out with the preparations for the Life Centers' big fundraiser, the Silent Auction and Dinner-Dance, my imagination has been compelled to wonder how I  would decorate and theme the gala, were I in charge of that aspect of things. (I'm pretty sure this has to do with nesting. I've been planning events in my head fairly nonstop lately and have thoroughly mentally designed three of my five sisters' bridal showers and weddings. Only one of them is in a relationship.) For the Life Centers' charity event, it would be a swanky '20s affair. Guests would sip on mint juleps while a Gish or Fairbanks silent masterpiece played out on a large screen during cocktail hour. The bar would echo the decor of a speakeasy, and while flapper dresses and bowler hats would not be required, dang it, they'd be welcomed. 

Anyway, when I think roaring twenties, Clara Bow just about sums it up in my mind. I mean, seriously. Look at her.

2. In that same vein, look at this iPhone cover:

My iPhone cover broke ages ago and I just spent a good while browsing Etsy for a killer case. I haven't ordered one yet, there are freaking tons on there. Anyone else sick of the "KEEP CALM" crap? Cuz those  are everywhere. The best one I've heard, though, is one that Kimmy told me about that she saw on a card at Paper Source: "FREAK OUT AND THROW STUFF" Classic.

3. Alright, you've convinced me. ("You" being a bunch of my blog crushes and the media in general.)

Sidewalk Skimmers from Madewell. And oh my gosh, in mustard too. I flippin' love mustard and don't own a single article of clothing in the shade. I don't know if I could pull it off...

4. Do you guys watch Jimmy Kimmel Live? I don't, but my sisters showed me this skit which you very well may have seen because it's three years old:

and I just about died. Plus they got like 12 cameos from super famous actors. Jimmy Kimmel must be well liked.

5. My sister is in town from Colorado. Which means these types of shenanigans are going on

Anna also tried attached one of those Pretty Pretty Princess earrings to Jordan's tragus, eyebrow, and nipple. Jordan is clearly less than amused.

Ok now off with you to Hallie's! I'll see you later.


  1. The new version of The Great Gatsby looks pretty epic! (Saw a long preview at the movies last weekend.) If anyone is going to outdo Robert Redford, it's Leonardo D.

    Also, loveeee the mustard flats. But it looks like they are sold out!!! :(

  2. In THEORY those sidewalk skimmers are divine. I bought the black pair last year and I'm not kidding you at all, my feet were bleeding (literally, shedding blood) within 5 minutes. Beware and stay clear.

  3. I'm with you on the "Keep Calm and..." crap.

    Also, I think you can (and should!) pull off mustard. Once you do you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I used to think I couldn't wear it either and then one day a friend convinced me I could. I may look sickly when I wear it but I'm so blinded by my love for it I don't even care. I hope that I can be that friend to you - wear mustard, Jessie.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  4. woman- you can totally pull off mustard flats. you are the hottest chick in the office and are very stylish and chic.
    also, diana has that gatsby phone cover. it is cute. you also deserve a new cover that makes you smile.