Thursday, March 7, 2013


I have been a little hard up for blog material lately. Perhaps life has been a little...samey, recently. Or it could be that growing a baby blocks my creativity glands. Understandable, I think, since my body is being sufficiently creative, in the literal sense.

Then a bunch of my * favorite * blogs started doing this Five Favorites with Moxie Wife and I thought, I want in. I can always name a bunch of favorite things.

(@ Jamie - wink.)

And then THEN, Grace tagged me for Five Things which has been floatin' around the 'gram, but I haven't heard of it before now because...I don't know things. But it was fateful and perfect. I'm doing a post about fives, making a post about ten total. (<----- I went to college.)

First, I'm gonna Moxie.

1 - Daughter

This is my favorite daughter. We don't know what we're expecting yet, so I can still say that. However, I will say that I keep on (accidentally) referring to this in utero baby as "he" or "him." So Jordan may be my favorite daughter for awhile?

2 - Breakfast (currently)

Call it a craving. Jordan and I have had pancakes 3 times since Saturday. This morning will make 4. I've been using this recipe and it's perfect. I just add cinnamon. (Honorary Favorites: cinnamon.)

3 - Show (currently)

Hands down. Sean and I are addicted. We burned through the first two seasons and now have to wait until the summer with the commoners for it to come back.

4 - Song (currently)'s a toss up

(Honorary Favorites: Matt Bellamy)

Someday I will I will have a guestroom like this. Look at that wall. I'm in love.

Thanks Hallie!

Now to Grace's F-I-V-E things!

1 - A year ago I didn't even know what a blog was, really. I'd heard the term thrown around like, "oh, she has a blog." or "Dad's reading that football blog again." My friend Meg told me I have to read Camp Patton so I was like, ok.... I'll try it.... Boom. I was opened up to the world of blogging. From CP to link-hop after link-hop after link-hop, I was introduced to the world of blogging. Six months later I started my own. Grace is a gateway drug. Careful of that one.

2 - I'm fifteen weeks today. Fifteen weeks is legit, yo.

3 - I know zero things about cars. The other day I told Sean I saw a sporty little Subaru that looked like a cross between a Mustang and a Porsche, and I think he almost served me divorce papers. However, I work in truck insurance, so I can rattle off the first 6-8 digits of the VIN of just about any tractor or trailer made in the last ten years (they mostly all start the same.) Freightliner: 1FUJBBCK. Volvo: 4V4NC9TG. Kenworth: 1XKWDB9. Useful, right?

4 - I love physical humor. It's probably my favorite. My sister just told me a story about how the other night she went over to a neighbor's to borrow something, and the neighbor didn't have their porch light on so as she was walking up, she tripped on a step and full on whacked her head on the front door. She popped up really fast and started knocking, hoping the head-thump would just blend in. I couldn't speak a sentence for like 2 minutes, I was laughing so hard. I'm laughing right now, recounting it.

Jordan must have her mother's sense of humor, because we were both over visiting a friend (Meg, incidentally) the other night, and Jordan was horsing around on the couch and fell off the side all willy-nilly. She landed on carpet, and she falls all the time so I knew this one was ok, so like the good mother I am I started laughing at her. I'm sorry! She looks really funny when she tumbles. Arms and legs and huge belly flailing about. But she started giggling right along with me. I think Meg was a little shocked at my insensitivity.

5 - I didn't know UGGs weren't cool in 2013. I went to a concert with my sister Audrey last Friday night and everyone was wearing these types:

It was kind of a hipster crowd and I deffffinitely looked out of place. And my boots were radiating the year 2002. Amidst floral print short shorts with ripped tights underneath, medieval cloaks, high HIGH waisted jeans (right-under-the-boobs high), and Chloe Sevigny (no kidding, she was there. I told you it was a hipster crowd), I was a time warp. Everyone likes a time warp right? Anyway, I shall not relinquish my UGGs. These come with me to the grave. 

By the by, we saw Body/Head, and I didn't really get them. (I hadn't heard of them before, I was simply escorting Audrey.) They were...weird.

Thank you, thank you Grace, for the tag. I'm supposed to tag five others now, which will be tricky because I don't personally know (read: internetly know) too many other bloggers that I didn't just tag for something else (and I don't want to come off as clingy, you guys.) 

Here goes, I'm tagging: Dwija and Chalayn and Camille and Kelly and Jenny and only about two or three of those people have even heard of me so I am being the profound stalker right now in tagging people that don't e-know me.

But it was fun! Big thanks to Hallie and Grace. (I don't think Hallie knows me either...I seriously need to work on my creeper tendencies.)


  1. I love my UGGS. I refuse to let those things go. I have some of the slipper ones and I wear them as shoes. Needless to say, I don't have a fashion blog. :)

  2. I wish I knew what your sister looked like so I could have an even better mental image of her fall. It reminds me of when a friend of mine was running up his stairs to his front door. He tripped on the last step and smashed his forehead against the door, which happened to have a large window in it. The best part was there was a group of people in the living room and there was no curtain on the window so everyone got to see his face smoosh violently against the door. Amazing.

    I will do my "5 things" ASAP and will tag some bloggers I e-stalk too.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  3. Congrats on 2nd trimester and managing a double link-up!!

  4. The head thump into immediate knocking is perfection!!!

  5. This post is hilarious. The boot pictures made me laugh out loud at my desk. Oh, and Jordan belly flapping over my legs and onto the floor...I can't stop telling people about it. Hilarious.

  6. I almost don't want to comment because I'll break the perfect trifecta of fives.

    ------ DIED laughing at the boots. died. Simon hates those kind of boots.

    and I love that Lumineers soon too. Love. thanks for humoring me!

  7. First I was all "I love the Lumineers song! We can be song twins" and then...then I read this...

    "She popped up really fast and started knocking, hoping the head-thump would just blend in. I couldn't speak a sentence for like 2 minutes, I was laughing so hard. I'm laughing right now, recounting it." and I started actually laughing so hard that I had to walk away from the computer so I wouldn't spew almonds onto the screen. There is no time I have ever laughed so hard in the history of me reading blogs AND I MEAN IT.

    And then (stay with me. trying to break my long comment record.) you tagged me! Ehrmagherd! I'm super stoked. Totally.

  8. Oh. And the Elf graphic! Perfection in this post.

  9. Okay, so you're the third person I know (so nice to "meet" you, btw!) to rave about Suits. I don't even know what the show is about, but consider it queued up. Thanks, Jessie!