Friday, March 8, 2013


My sister has been taking a psychology class this semester, and she's running her psych tests on Sean and I like we're her minion lab-rats. They're actually kinda fun, and I thought I'd share one with you guys so you can play them on your significant others.

Ok, you have to pretend ALL of the below things are happening simultaneously:

the baby is crying
the phone is ringing
someone is knocking on the door
the laundry was left outside in the rain
the faucet is running

In what order would you take care of these tasks?

No cheating. Don't look at what each task stands for. Answer first, it's fun.

You're going to try and cheat.



Here, I'll give you a visual of the kind of dingus psychiatrist I'd probably be.

Dr. Tobias Funke
the never-nude

Alright, that's sufficient, now I'll give you your results. Each task represents something in your life, and the task you put first means the most to you, and so on until the last.

The baby represents family
The phone represents your job
The person at the door represents friendships
The laundry represents intimacy
The faucet represents money

I take issue with the laundry representing intimacy. Do guys really ever care about the laundry? Not usually. But do guys care about sex? I think they do... So why would the two be correlated? Don't know.

I thought my results were pretty on par with how things rank in my life. I think a couple of Sean's were transposed. He put the job second and, while he does stress out about his job sometimes, once he clocks out, he's out. Then he put the laundry last and I made my most offended face.

MY results


SEAN's results


Clearly I'm the better spouse and person.

Audrey's having great fun using us as her guinea pigs. She's done like four or five tests on us, and sometimes she'll smirk at an answer and say "Interesting...interesting." Sometimes she'll raise her eyebrows and slowly say "Alright..." Then she gives us the results and Sean and I usually laugh at what it's supposed to "mean" for our relationship. Human observation is great fun, I bet psychologists are endlessly fascinated by their jobs. 

However I don't think I'd put much stock in the little tests. But they're entertaining.
Report back with any dirt on your men.


  1. My husband's response: "turn the faucet off, hang up the phone, take baby with me to bring the laundry in, tell jehovah's witness to beat it."

    Clearly he has no friends.

  2. I went for the laundry first, then the baby, the faucet, the door and would forfeit the phone call-- definitely the right order for me, this is SO fun!

    Also, kind of weird but Mike's main way to show me he loves me is doing the laundry...crazy...

    That picture of Tobias made my afternoon.

  3. Baby-faucet-door-laundry-phone

    I can't wait to ask Jacob

  4. I was baby, knocking, laundry, faucet, and phone :)

  5. Here's mine:

    Phone. I never ever answer the phone. But I have 5 kids. MAKE OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL.

  6. Oh, no!!! I chose baby last!!! But I swear I would have checked on him to make sure he wasn´t choking, made sure he was alright, then go tell the person knocking to wait, pick up the phone while I go get the laundry, and then come back to pick up the baby while I close the faucet and then go back to the person at the door. What does this mean??

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award:

    {It may have been due to the Tobias Funke reference...}

    1. Tobias is pretty genius but Lucille is hands-down my fave. I'll have to work her into a post sometime.

      Thanks so much for nom!! I really appreciate it!