Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! and a linky

He is Risen

Happy Easter, one and all. The little beauties shown above (help me out anyone? I have no idea what they're called.) are popping up all over our apartment complex and indeed all over the city I live in. They must not be very elite or fussy little bushes, because they are in every nook and cranny of grocery store parking lots, alley sidewalks and the like, but dang it, I like them. I like slum flowers.

Today I'm linking up!

Grace and Kayla and Ericka are letting us in on their Open to Interpretation game, which sounds like my kinda fun.

You'll find that my Easter outfit is sufficiently underwhelming, given my almost 19 week bump is selfishly eliminating half of my wardrobe choices and...maybe I should think about maternity shopping soon? But isn't it so much fun to see what you can squeeeeeze into and make believe that it's so impressive that your very pregnant body can still handle that Anthro skirt and maybe no one will notice the straining seams? No, the answer is it's not so fun, it's emotionally taxing. Buy maternity, Jess.

On the other hand, you'll find that Jordan has risen to the challenge with a beaut of an Easter dress, compliments of Sean's parents. Dear Jordan: it pays to be the first grandchild on both sides. Your closet is a wonderland. Relish it now, your nemesis is baking as we speak. Love, Mom.

Probably should have snuck our photographer/husband/father into the mix but he's suffering from a rather sore to searing to awful throat right now and may have very nearly OD'd on NyQuil last night so his eyes were slightly crossed allll 1 1/2 hours of Easter Mass and even his current cup o' boldest joe hasn't unblurred them.

My Easter Best (really, this is the best I got)

* Old Blue: ancient Anthro that I squirmed and shimmied and twisted over the bump
* Shawl: Target
* Shiny Flats: Macy's
* Danglies: really really old Target, like high school status
* Chalky White Calves: haven't seen the sun in eight months

Jordan's ImpressFest:

* Except for her gold jellies (Old Navy) I really have no idea. It's from Sean's parents and I think it was from a specialty type shop in Northern California, where they hale from.
* Sumo Nub: never-been-shorn twenty months of luscious locks/her mother can't help but mock her.
* Grumpy grumpy mug in the top photo: she wants my chai.

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your Cadbury eggs and watching the under-5's frantically scatter for sweets. That's where I'll be. Go link up with all the rest!


  1. ahhhhhhhhh Im dying.

    maybe it's just my comp but I can't see the pics.

    You're killing me -- a little something to look forward to later.

    Happy Eater!!

    um. Easter.

  2. I can't see the photos either but I want to so so badly.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Wow, you are funny. Like, seriously funny. Favorite part: Sumo nub. And, yes, go maternity shopping.

  4. Good seeing all of you guys today!! What crazy weather we had. Jordan looked darling. Those are Pink India Hawthorne bushes or Raphiolepsis (sp?).

  5. Those are Indian Hawthorne getting ready to bloom!

  6. You look fabulous my friend! Baby bumps are the best accessories. Your sweet little girl looks so pretty in her dress. Happy, Happy Easter!!

  7. You are almost half way done being pregnant and are still wearing regular lady clothes? Go on which yo bad self!

  8. Love that outfit, the sweater is my favorite!!

  9. That dress looks like it was made for a prego! It looks amazing on you and I love the shawl sweater. Darling little girl, too!

  10. Aww, your daughter is so cute! I love that she has gold jellies!