Wednesday, April 17, 2013

fave five

While gallivanting through tropical paradise last week, I pretty much neglected all bloggerly duties and therefore have not yet congratulated Hallie on her delicious baby Charlie. CHEEKS!! So here I am now, the prodigal daughter, ready to round up five of my favorites for this week.

Who's that lady? (who's that-a-layday?)
That fine, fine lady.. (who's that-a-layday?)

I'm glad you asked. That's my mama. Look at her in all her '80s glory. Farrah Fawcett feathers et al. 

It's my mama's birthday tomorrow. Inspired by the occasion, I'll write into internet eternity something I don't say nearly enough to her: my mom is bomb. She bore and raised eight children with more grace than I've been able to do with one. She has always been the "fun mom" and all of our friends always wanted to hang at our house growing up. She does the most ridiculous dance to any tune but don't get her started on Tears for Fears (Sean does the most spot-on impression of it; it's kind of like her whole body moves in backward momentum while her arms swim forward). She's my favorite person with which to sit on the patio or the couch or in my parents' spa with a glass of wine and gossip importantly or unimportantly. She is the best mom I've ever seen - really. And a little bit better of a grandmother than I'm comfortable with. I can't say I'm joking about Jordan preferring her to me and I'm more than a little resentful.

Merm, thanks for all the years of mothering and schooling and patience and fun. I aspire to be to Jordan and my babies the mother you were to us. Eight kids and not a gray hair to show for it. (L'Oreal Honey Blond will be our dirty little secret.)

 That tub in the tub on the left is me.
Am I crazy, or does my older brother Luke as a devious 2 year old look like my Jo-friend?

 2 under 2 and the foxiest ever.

If you can't tell, I'm less than pleased about my new sister.
As far as I know I actually loved all babies, I think I'm just mad here because we interrupted 
a reading of "Are you my Mother?" to stare at a blob of cute.

2. Cheeeeeesecake.

In honor of #1, I whipped up a cheesecake for a family celebration tonight. The recipe will be forthcoming. It warrants a full post because not only is it the creamiest and the easiest cheesecake in all the land, but I think I can produce better than this afterthought of a photo. I'll try to capture its full glory at my mom's little party tonight.

PS that baby cheesecake on the left was made for my sister, who left this morning to scout out colleges (shout out to Meg for letting Auds crash with you in San Fran! And you two have fun at Sigur Ros - JEALOUS!) and will be missing our party tonight. I made her a to-go version. In case you were curious which you probably weren't...

3. Old Navy Maternity!!

I asked my good friend and coworker confidante Kimmy if anyone would notice if I wore this skirt EVERYDAY until I gave birth, and just switched out the tops. She said I could probably get away with it. Joking aside, I wore this skirt four days in a row. Not at work though. In Hawaii, over the weekend, and then at work. Still gross? Yes. If you are pregnant - and heck, even if you're not, because the material just conforms to your body - get yo'self one of these. I will live in it to infinity and beyond.

Oh, here's how I styled it, because I am knowledgeable about fashion stuff and things.

I kind of lost track in Hawaii (WORST MOTHER EVER) but I think I'm 21 weeks.
Bigger than I should be, is all I know.

Crimson maternity shirt - GapMaternity
Pale gray maternity cami - GapMaternity
Charcoal maternity skirt - Old Faithful Navy

maternitymaternitymaternity. This is happening.

4. Melaleuca Body Wash
I wish I could say this is my front porch

I'm a Melaleuca member, and it's great and everything but I probably can't really keep it up. It's kind of a financial commitment. However, before I leave the folds, I'll have to stock up on their Body Satin body wash. I lerve it. I got the original scent and it smells glorious, and it makes my skin feel kind of satiny. It does what it says it'll do - WHAT? They also have a really good lotion for Jordan's sandpaper skin. I'm sorry for not linking any of this stuff but you have to be a member to enter the this is my sales pitch? This is pretty much a very not helpful favorite. Sorry.

She looks so upset in those photos but believe it or not she's singing. Really enthusiastically and slightly melodramatically. 

Ok, now that I'm used to it, I love Jordan's haircut. I totally love it. I'm making sure to dress her extra special feminine lately because the whole cut has really masculated her already slightly boyish features, but she just looks so dang cute. I think. Sean thinks too. Parents don't really know things about their own kids though, I'll own that.

and Jordan hasn't been too eager to show off her freshly shorn look, so I could be wrong on all counts

Get thee to Hallie's for more! Bye now!


  1. I'm glad you didn't have on here "put my feet on the dashboard" because I know that you like that but now you know the unfortunate truth. I GET IT. I loved it too. But I like you too much, Jessie, so knock that stuff off. ;)

    And look at feminine Jordan wearing all pink and with that cute girl haircut! She rocks those gold jellies like her momma works a maternity skirt.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  2. Awwwww....happy birthday to your mom. She is a great lady.

  3. Love the tribute to your mama. Happy birthday, J mama!