Friday, April 26, 2013

odds & ends

So I'm not planning on giving you one of those "day in the life" posts because, honestly, you won't care. It's not riveting. But I'm not fully committed to penning one of my "favorites" updates on Jordan either because I haven't appropriately composed her newsworthy quirks or recent escapades in my scarecrow brain. Let's call this a glimpse, then, into a few of the things that have been occupying Jordo and I lately. Be sure to keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times. Danger.

can't even focus in on all this exciting

My Jo-friend and I have fallen victim to what I think they call "routine," in the vernacular. With the exception of the occasional days when she wants to read and chatter and caterwaul amiably in her crib until 9 o'clock in the morning and let her vapid mother blog until her heart's content, Jordan and I start our day around 8 with a gnarly diaper, a power struggle to leave the binky in the crib because "You're a big girl now! You don't need it when you're not sleeping! You're so big. I'm so proud of you...." and a baba (milk for her, chocolate milk for me) to alleviate the stress of going binkiless.

Yesterday morning found us jamming to some fun. and The Naked and the Famous right after breakfast. We were enjoying our tunes so much, they accompanied us to the shower via our Cube. I haven't been waking up early enough/have lazed about too long making blog rounds/have sat around gorging half cantaloupes at a time in the morning of late, and that has cost me my solo showers. I don't really mind having her with me, but Jordan has always inquisitive eyes and occasionally inquisitive hands and I'm just learning to cope with the awkward.

We inevitably take too long doing nothing more often than something and are in a mad rush by 9:30. It's important that Goldilocks sample everyone's toothbrush, you see.

Papa Bear's tastes unused. We'll have to lecture him about oral hygiene.

You like Jordan's accessories, do you? Ever since I neglected to put away my outfit from Saturday immediately, Jordan discovered and is unable to function properly without at least one strand of "beezsh." She needs them upon waking, while breakfeasting, for rollin' in the Yaris, in the meantimes and in betweentimes. Beezsh all day erryday.

We have to be going by 5 to 10, because our new routine involves taking 5+ minutes to get to the car parked one minute's walk away in the carport. Before we can even think about commencing on this journey, you have to ask yourself one critical question: do we have the 4 b's?

baby in the right, blanky in the left, binky in the mouth, beads about the neck

Woo, ok. We're gonna be fine then. This is Jordan's shtick - I just tell her to get her things to go bye bye while I finish up disguising myself as an awake and alert functioning person, and she stands by the door with her essentials in tow. Every piece is crucial too. We're working on the dispensability of the binky but we're down to sleep and car rides.

Jordan waits dutifully at the top step while I lock up, then casually hands me her cargo and grabs my semi-free hand that she might descend the stairs "independently." We count the fifteen steps Jordan chimes in on my "dooo," "free" and "eigh" count. Working on it.

At the bottom, we have to pause so Jordan can select her walking rock. She discards when we get to the car (there's a little pebble pile in our carport) but it's needed for our ambling expedition. Seriously. This kid.

wait, this rock is better.

daily detour to the complex's gazebo to stand in the center and look around aimlessly

Eventually we get here

 and always here

and sometimes here

That kinda was like a day in the life huh? Well all that happens after that is I drop Jordan at her sitter's and she waves me off nonchalantly as she joins her posse of buddies (all of whom chant "Jorda! Jorda! Jorda's here!!" so I guess I can see why she doesn't need me...), I get in the car with pangs of working mom guilt stabbing my heart over and over, and then I go punch in from 11-5.


Ok if you made it this far I have to tell you something else. I really should just wait to make it it's own post - and I'm going to do that too - but I'm all hopped up on my ideas, and then I did title this one "odds and ends" so there's my disclaimer. I'm nesting something fierce. I'm nesting like a psychotic mother bird. Wait, you know that bird in the first Shrek that tries to hit the high note while singing with Fiona, and eventually just explodes?

hey look, I'm pregnant and feeling pretty good I'm nesting nesting NESTING

where I am now

Anyway, I've more or less reconciled myself to the horrid couch (although a bad day's impulse consolation buy is about as imminent as my belly button popping all the way out) so I'm turning my nesttentions to the horrid patio. Summer is coming, and I want to be out there. But it is a war zone right now friends. I took my "before" pictures yesterday (I'm not showing you that embarrassment until it's fully revamped) and I'm composing an expenses proposal list for Sean. For you, I'm working on a mood board so that you can be apart of this exciting vagabondage. (<----- I thesaurus'ed "journey" cuz I've used it in a cliche fashion already in this post, and this one was the coolest substitute. FYI)

I'll be sharing that sometime soon. I realize this is likely the perfect opportunity to really acquaint myself with Pinterest, because this is exactly what Pinterest is useful for. Thus far, I log in like once a month, "like" a whole bunch of crap, nearly never repin, and never pin anything original. Least. Pinteresting. Person......Ever.

So be on the look out for a Better Homes & Gardens worthy before/after segment coming to your neighborhood mom blog. 

You are officially up to date on my whole life.


  1. We do the slow stairs too. And the "no, up, we're going up, don't go down, up, up, do I need to carry you?" And as soon as she gets outside she makes a run for it.

    Also: inquisitive hands, just stop.

    1. Well they need something to work for at the end, you a rock :)

      Oh don't get me started on the handsy toddler. There's no one to be embarrassed in front of when its just us but I feel myself going red on the daily

  2. 11-5 is a pretty sweet work schedule, mama. No more guilt for you! I insist!

  3. Jorda needs to give me advice on how to make friends because it sounds like she's got it down! No one ever chants "Chalay! Chalay! Chalay's here!"

    Jordan, help?

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  4. i just can picture jordan doing all these things. can't wait for the patio too!!! i concur with Dwija {House Unseen}. you get to spend these mornings with her and that is pretty awesome!

  5. It sounds like you two enjoy a nice morning routine. I can't wait to see the before and after pictures of the patio.