Sunday, April 7, 2013

weather is here, wish you were beautiful

As most of you know, my current physical state is not amenable to consuming the amount of alcohol needed for the above Jimmy Buffetism. Be that as it may, I am vicariously wasting away in Margaritaville, drunk off the incredibly lush landscape of Kauai.

my view from my beach towel

I'm just checking in ever so quickly from our blissful babymoon. I've essentially been unplugged since we landed, as there is zzzzero WiFi in our condo complex and negative zzzzzero (I know math) reception for those of the Sprint inclination. Sean and I have, however, done that stupid find-the-reception dance all around the complex at least twice a day to call my parents' and say "hi" to Jordan. She doesn't care though. She's having a blast and I don't think she knows we're missing. We Skyped her this morning and she lost interest after she showed us her "beebee" and kissed the computer screen.

I also wanted to let you know that Monica Geller is in the building. The humidity with the preg hair has been a caustic combo and I am rocking something that looks realllly similar to 

It's pretty.

We are having a really good time so far, and I honestly can't believe how insanely gorgeous it is here. And how laid back everyone is! We woke up for sunrise yesterday and there were already locals on the beach checking the surf with beers in their hands. Can you believe? Also, between Sean and I, we have about 150 pics already, so you know what this means: a long involved you-so-don't-care post upon my return!! Mark your calendars....

Aloha friends. (cringe at my cliche. I did.)

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  1. Awwww woman. Can't wait to see your pics, vacation post and you in person for a hug.