Saturday, April 20, 2013

per your request

Ok, I knew something strange was afoot when I received 4 blog comments inside of 7 minutes. The Early Bird just don't know that type of fame. Then Grace divulged she had put the election up on CP's facebook page, which I wouldn't know because I have facebookphobia (it's a thing - though I don't feel remotely as strongly as that guy condition is more a fear of commitment to that level of social networking.)

So hey Grace, thanks! Early Bird followers, thank you guys too, for the input! And those stalkers of Grace's facebook *sharp inhale indicating I'm about to lay a glorious pun on you* Gracebook stalkers (high fives. am I the first to coin that?) welcome AND thanks for the votes of confidence. As I unsolicitous-ly overshared with Grace yesterday afternoon, pregnancy this time around has left me a sopping heap of hormones of late. I can't tell you how it lifted my spirits to see so many blog comments - and so many nice blog comments at that. My delicate psyche appreciates your attentions.

Well, for awhile it looked as if The Black Stallion had it by a landslide. Then the Green Goblin seemed as if it was something of a dark horse - as much of a misnomer as that may be compared to its competition - and started creeping up the charts. In the end, Basic Black Anthro goodness has it though, only 2 votes ahead, by my count. However I did heed the advice of a few sage commenters by adding a punch of color to the neckline. Quite a while ago I inherited several strands of beads in all different hues from my grandma. She was always one for bold jewelry choices and oftentimes loud baubles. Aside from her unmistakable snark, the thing I remember most about her was how heavily adorned her fingers always were. Anyway, I selected a few of these to accessorize my previously boring neckline. Because I was making such a brassy statement with the beads, I decided to keep my earrings to my small and lovely diamonds Sean got me for our first married Christmas.

I say again, those heels are not long for this girl. Come reception, I'm switching out to my gold flips. This is good news for everyone, considering: I shall be partaking in my second-trimester-sanctioned glass of wine; I love dancing at weddings; I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld

So that's where I'll be. How's your Saturday shaping up?


  1. I'm one of the Gracebook stalkers, and I had to comment over here to say that I had those beads too, although I think I'm not quite old enough to be your grandma ;-) Love the outfit you ended up with (I voted for the black!)

  2. Lovely!

    I've been a stalker for a while-sorry, I have a bunch of blogs to add to my reader and just haven't yet...and to add to the social media storm, I saw Grace's fb post through twitter. Soooo if you see these on the "FAB pregnancy style" pinterest boards soon, don't be shocked :)

  3. you look hot! i am sure you gave every other woman there a run for their money. i love dancing like elaine too.