Thursday, November 22, 2012

And the Kitchen Sink too

Today I join my fellow red-blooded Americans (or blue-blooded, if you're feeling regal. your call) in counting my blessings. I do have so, so many that it's too bad it takes a holiday to remind me to think of them every once in awhile. For my own benefit - and I'm sure your reading pleasure - I'm going to take a quick sec to list a few.

Jessie is thankful for

 Dr. Sheldon Cooper. We commiserate about string theory. You wouldn't understand...

Nestle's. My body just wouldn't be the same without you.

My Gap card (not this Nolly person's, this is just your visual aid via the ever-giving Google). Jordan keeps asking to hit the sales at Old Navy so this has been a life saver. She really needs to curb her enthusiasm or we're going to have to stage an intervention.

 Chuck. This hardly needs captioning.

That's it for now. Until next year.

Alright...I am thankful to Grace for her invitation to my first linkup ever. I'm scared and excited and don't know what I'm doing. I took twelve self-portraits (oh, that's another thing I'm thankful for: that my husband was in class while I was making an idiot of myself). I took off my cowl (trust me on that decision. Or don't.). I put in earrings. I have electric blue mascara on.

We'll be traveling today to a cozy family gathering in the mountains, so I took these pictures last night. Therefore this is entitled

What I [Intend to Wear] to Thanksgiving Dinner

Sorry we're so uncomfortably close in that second one. Had to snag a shot of the lobes. And I'm not pissed at you in the first pic. That really was best of twelve. So I might be black, gray and boring all over but I DID it! And I'm also going to give you my outfit details because that's what you do in linkups right?

Blacktastic Shirt: Gap (ihhhh, I really don't want to tell you this but it's actually Gap*Maternity*. blush&shiver.)

My Absolute Staple Gray Pleated: Dockers from ages and ages ago. I wear this all.the.time.

Tights: who knows? They're black tights.

Boots: wayyy too comfy via Cathy Jean.

Sash: vintage from m'Grandma.

Earrings: my very lovely sister mailed these to me from India while on her travels around the world last year. I had just had Jordan, and along with the super cute outfit my sister sent for her, she put these and a note in the package saying "because a mother deserves to have nice things too."

Speaking of the Bug....

What Jordan [Will Wear] to Thanksgiving Dinner

Jordan's Details:

Whispering Warmth Cloak (<-----trying to Anthropologize the title because Jordan's coat is really just): Target

Screw it: Jordan is head to toe Target. From her pibsqueak bow to her faux Uggs. And she owns it too. Incidentally we both had a camera-shy moment

 in which our boots became extremely interesting to us.

That's it. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ok one more callback. Best for last and all that. These two

along with my incredible siblings, parents and friends - I don't deserve them but God gave me them anyway. I'm a lucky duck. 
So for these I give thanks. Today, everyday.


  1. Black and greay represent! (insert not-at-all-dorky virtual fist-bump here)

  2. I l ove that your boots are from your GRANDMOTHER!! Amazing. :) And, your daughter's coat is TO.DIE.FOR! :) So stylish!

  3. okay. seriously. you have to start doing the What I Wore Sunday look bomb (as my brothers would say but it works here)

    serio. and your grandma's boots? awesomeeeee.

    and Jordan .. Jordan Jordan ... ha. love her. and she kept something in her hair all day it looked like via the gram????

    thank you for linking --- super appreciate it ... and keep up the blogging ... super appreciate THAT more. We need to get Meg on the fun train!!

  4. I'd say your first link up was a success!!! You look great and love the twin moment of camera shy...your daughter is precious and so is her look!!

  5. Still can't stand the cuteness...and the hilarity. One of my favorite posts!

  6. awwww woman. you look so cute, and i love the shot of you both looking at your boots. happy thanksgiving!

  7. Love the outfits : )
    yes.. tights are sooo comfy!
    Happy Thanksgiving..

  8. love it all!

    great skirt with the scarf belt.

    found you on Patton, fyi.

    ps. big bang...awesome.