Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maid Service

Some mornings I have the audacity to take 3-4 minutes to complete a few vapid activities which include putting in my contacts, applying deodorant, pulling my hair into an alluring low pony. Jordan mills around and does important things so I usually don't pay her much heed. A recent such morning I walked out of the bathroom to find this

She had situated herself into an apparently? comfortable confinement of woven basket that is normally used to house about a quarter of her vast library. I asked her where her books were and she did a quick eye dart to her right in the direction of her room.


I told her we had to clean up now and this suggestion didn't seem to offend her so she heaved herself out of her bamboo power chair and strode into her room.

Jordan Elizabeth walks a harrowing line everyday between "All the women who indipenden, throw your hands up at me." and "Well Mom you can try to walk if you want to but my limbs and body have your right knee through ankle pretty much covered. So good luck with that." This day we were feeling Destiny's Child though so I was not required in the clean up duty. She actually even tried to shut me out repeatedly and could not figure out why she wasn't successful.

With each book that she (individually) picked up and walked over to deposit into her basket she let out a resounding "Deh!" which, if momterpretation serves, means "There!" (with attitude.) What I took away from this was that Jordan conceded to my will - this time - but I needed to know that I was inconveniencing her and she didn't appreciate it. Message received.

I continued on with my Hurricane Jessie act that has become my morning ritual in an attempt to get out of the door on time, and by the time I finally swooped Jordan up to go bye-bye (cue blow-kisses to empty apartment) she had re-strewn most of the books plus a few more of her own touches.

I'm gonna call this one a draw.


  1. haha, I love this! The basket photo is too funny--love that girl!

  2. Hannabert's books are found in all sorts of creative locations. The bookcase is mere decoration for him. He does help in picking up though but only to serve the purpose of dumping everything out again as soon as it is put away.

    1. Haha decorations, it's true!

      Oh the circle that is toddler life: clean, destroy, clean, destroy.

  3. awwww. loved this post. i am so glad that half the time she feels like being a clean up diva. haha.