Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Most Worst

That's right. I used double superlatives. But read on before you Grammar Nazi me then reconsider.

I'm new here so I hesitate to unleash on this community The Furies that are the last 12 hours. But why else was the phrase "blog it out" coined but for free therapy?

About ten days ago we brought Jordan to the ER because her fever spiked to 104 and she wouldn't let me so much as glance in the direction of her sizable belly (which was a feat not to do in and of itself) without doubling over in heartbreaking anguish. Turns out my poor bug had a double ear infection (ouuuuch) and a case of the constipation (which was better than the feared appendicitis). 2.5 hours and an antibiotics prescription later and we were on our way. Not painless but as smooth as it goes in the ER.


So for the last three days the only way to describe Jordan's nose is to say A River Runs Through It. But it wasn't a big deal til she came home with Sean last night carrying around a cough that sounded like it belonged to Roz from Monsters, Inc.

As the evening progressed I watched my poor baby girl labor harder and harder for a simple breath. Sean is the mayor of Web MD and he announced (not calmly!) that the way Jordan's chest caved every time she drew breath is serious cause for alarm signifying a number of (not harmless!) conditions. I walked/ran into a pair of sweatpants on our way out the door and into a Toyota that was driven much faster than it was ever meant to.

Same hospital. Same EXACT room.

Not same diagnosis and not that simple this time. Jordan was still being poked, prodded, stethoscoped, urine sampled, blood sampled, x-rayed and what have you at 2 in the horrible morning and only doze off reluctantly and fitfully at 3 after fighting valiantly to free herself from the faux cast the nurses constructed to prevent her from tearing her IV out.

After a quick nap with Dad she was up again at 3:30 for a transfer from the ER to Pediatrics. She got her comedic relief for the night in the form of her new accommodations. You know how cribs are often referred to as cages? This was actually a cage. Gray metal bars ran into a plastic ROOF which Jordan thought was endlessly funny to press her whole face against.

Jordan was diagnosed with either the onset of pneumonia or a bronchial virus. Apparently they present similarly but the doctor is leaning towards the bronchial virus. My baby girl only ended up getting to sleep at 6 this morning after having to have an IV rethreaded which was horrible for the both of us. I broke my self-imposed I-won't-cry-more-than-twice-a-year rule three times over last night. 

I'm on my way back to the hospital as I only came back for a quick rinse and a strongly caffeinated beverage. The majority of this post was in fact written during the time these two were able steal some winks between 3-3:30

so run-ons, grammatical errors, and nonsensicals are undoubtedly strewn about.

Some of you perhaps don't know me but if you get a free sec today and are so inclined I'd be forever grateful for a little prayer for my Jordan girl. Poor thing has had a tough 12 hours. We're expected to be released tonight but there's a possibility of another night spent in Pediatrics (pleeeeaaaase please no) so I will let ya all know lates.


  1. oh, no!!!! What a nightmare!

    I'm SO sorry. definitely praying for you guys ... especially little J.

  2. POOR LITTLE BABY...I want to run over and give you all a hug. Hopefully I can spoil Jo a little bit on Saturday morning.

    Love you, Jess! You're the best mom ever!

  3. This sounds positively awful, I will definitely say a pray for you guys today!

  4. Jessie! You and your poor little one! Our prayers will be with little J today!

  5. Praying for you, Jessie! Sean's love and devotion is really evident in these pictures, and really beautiful. She is so blessed to have the two of you!