Wednesday, May 1, 2013

fave five

I left the folds last week because my brain couldn't generate the desired number of favorites, but I'm back to join Hallie and the lades for a Five Favorites roundup. Let's see what I got:


Ok, I don't even know how to turn a sewing machine on, but in my quest for a livable patio I've started a laundry list of improbable projects. I found this fabric

for potential patio chair cushions. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm skewing my color scheme to incorporate it. I've ordered swatches and everything.

2. Slouchy Bags

My sister brought this back for me when she went on her semester abroad to Uganda. I hadn't used it a great deal until I decided to make it my purse/carry-on for our trip to Hawaii. I haven't been without it since, because guess what? It does triple duty: purse, diaper bag, beach bag. We went to the beach twice last weekend and this bag scoffed at my attempts to fill it. It's a veritable Mary Poppins purse.

In my nesting crisis, I've decided to finally get some pics hung. I used the Postal Pix app to print my Instagram photos, and they are much cheaper than Printstagram (I got 14 prints for like $4 WITH shipping) and still excellent quality. Finally got this bad boy printed

because it makes me laugh every time. I mean, come on. Is she thinking what I'm thinking? "This belly is ridiculous."

I ordered some 6 x 6 frames from Etsy, and if I like them I'll link them next time. I haven't gotten them yet, so I don't want to prematurely vouch for them. What would that do for my sterling reputation?

4. Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market

Do you have one near you? Go. Go I say. I switch between here and Trader Joe's for stocking up on lunches and snacks for work every week, and on a whim yesterday I got this

It is SO good and has just the right amount of spice pour moi. I enjoyed it with whole wheat crackers, but tortilla chips would be bomb too, I'm sure of it.

These are a God-send. Does your twenty month old GIRL like getting as dirty as mine does? Every morning I drop Jordan off at her sitter's, and she beelines it for the big rubber balls they have in the corner of their backyard, throws herself at them, and rolls over on to the dirt. Within 20 seconds. So you can imagine what she looks like after being there all day. Her clothes I can wash, but her shoes were getting ruined. These jellies - throw them in the sink, scrub up and boom. Done. They're rubber, they wash off SO easy. Jordan has them in emerald green and gold, and I will cry when her feet grow another half inch.

Those were my faves, how 'bout you? If you're thirsty for more (said with the same intonation as Mac Culkin in Home Alone) you should go to Hallie's for others and betters. A good Woden's Day to you.


  1. That hummus looks delicious!! Never heard of Fresh and Easy Market, but now I'll definitely check to see if there's one in our area. I haven't participated in the Five Faves thing before, but I think I might give it a whirl this week.

    1. Haha, Fresh & Easy's website says the store closest to me is in Arizona... we live in Michigan. Womp womp.

    2. Dang it! I tried searching to see if it was nationwide first so as not link something unhelpful...guess I didn't do very good research :) trader joes has flavored hummus too, they're always a solid bet.

  2. I love the black and white picture, made me laugh "this belly is ridiculous". I look at mine and think that too, and I´m not even pregnant!!