Wednesday, May 15, 2013

fave five

Hopping on Hallie's train today for a few fast faves. (<--- And apparently a bunch of alliterations in a row.)

1. Beach!


We are still - supposedly - in the heart of spring over here, but this summer is already promising to break me. It was in the 90's a couple days ago (in the 100's where Sean works, twenty minutes away!), and we only have air conditioning in the living room. Clearly they weren't thinking of pregnant women when they designed this place.

Consequently, we've been escaping to the beach the last couple of weekends. Jordan loves it. Let me rephrase: Jordan LOVES IT. We're teaching this girl to swim stat, because she has zero fear of water or waves, and she would continue plowing right through the soup until her head was fully submerged if we didn't stop her. Sean got creative last weekend though, and it turns out there's endless entertainment in gritty sand containment. We buried and unburied and buried and unburied, yet it was funny every time she poked her toes through.

Bonus: beached out baby makes for a verrry snuggly bug at the end of the day

2. Watermelon

Speaking of summer...yessss. Is it so cliche that I crave watermelon when I'm pregnant? (I just think of Lady and the Tramp when Lady's owner is pregnant and sends her husband out in a blizzard for watermelon and chop suey.) I was about exactly this pregnant with Jordan at about exactly this time of year a couple years ago (Jordan and this baby's due dates are within a couple weeks of each other) and I remember devouring 10, 12 slices at a time with her. 

Please check Jordan's own sophisticated watermelon method:

One bite, if you please, then stack in a tower. Then begin again from the top, one bite at a time. Watermelon consumption is an art, friends. 

I was so angry when I heard they were discontinuing Google Reader. It's very hard for me to adjust to changing technology. But I gotta say, Bloglovin', I'm impressed. The app is downright dangerous. I used to have to type in my fave sites individually on my phone to see if there were new posts, but Bloglovin' has of-the-minute updates to all the blogs I follow. It's becoming too easy to be a media addict...

4. Signed and Numbered frames

A couple weeks ago I told you about some frames I had ordered from Etsy and that I'd link them if I liked them. ABSOLUTELY I do. Love them. They take a couple of weeks to come because they are all handmade right here in Amuuurica (Salt Lake City); they have something like fifty shades to choose from, then 3 different treatments of each color for you to select (flat, vintage, super-vintage), and they throw in mats for free, if you need them. Amazing handiwork. 

I got "dark wood tone" in "vintage" finish, and it's perfection. I'm working on a photo gallery, but it's not quite done. I think I'll need at least one more of these...

5. Ranunculus

While I'm feeling the full heat of summer already, I know spring is still with us whenever I amble into Trader Joe's. They carry bunches of these in the most bea-u-ti-ful shades. They are truly one of my faves. Cheers, Spring.

Now go browse around at Hallie's, and have a lovely day.


  1. LVOE Ranunculus - they were part of my wedding bouquet!

  2. I could polish off a huge watermelon when I was pregnant too. So good! I also wanted ranuncuculus so badly for my wedding bouquet but they were out of season :( I have to grow some.

  3. I'm pretty impressed with Bloglovin' now too!

  4. I must say that summer along with watermelon and beach is a perfect combination - even though I'm not a real beachy person.

  5. woman. those frames are super cute! i will have to check them out!