Thursday, May 2, 2013

it's gonna be me

Every once in awhile, just to break up the tedium of a bedtime routine, I check the Instagram popular page from the comfort of my flannel sheets. I don't know why I do it, since the popular page is fraught and overrun with skanky selfies of girls with devastatingly low self esteem trying their best to disguise themselves as girls with devastatingly high self esteem; paparazzi shots of celebrities with captions that someone somewhere dreamed up in an effort to pass himself off as the celebrity himself, when it's really just another fanpage; or those stupid Instacomics where some ignorant user breaks the photo up into four tiles and tries to say something witty and accompanies their efforts with exaggerated, obnoxious facial expressions. (Yikes, that was a little harsh. Pregnant much, Jess?)

Sometimes, just sometimes, there's a goldie in there. I guess that's why I keep comin' back. I meant to post this as one of my favorites yesterday, because it would have been most appropriate on the first of May, but I forgot, as I am wont to do.

Anyone who remembers that song (or that music video? holy hilarious. Do bands still do choreographed dances in their videos? They should.) will remember that that's exactly how JT pronounces the word "me." So well played, @lancebass. Which, you know, could very well not be the real Lance Bass, but I hope it is. Makes me ponder upon the deepest mysteries of the universe like, when someone's career has taken a turn for the, um - more serious I guess? or less laughable? - as JT's has, does he still keep those embarrassing connections around, like a former boybandmate?

Well, that one actually made me laugh out loud, which media almost never makes me do. Usually the only ones that boast as much are

 Roger Sterling

and Lucille Bluth

on their respective shows. (Can't believe Kate got to be within 50 yards of Jessica Walter. Bet she could smell the vodka from there.)

Oh and then when searching Roger Sterling images I found THIS

so someone clearly shares my problems and affinity for drunken comedians. Who are you, Roger-Lucille fanatic? Let's be friends.


  1. I'm not a Mad Men fanatic (...yet?) but I LOVE Arrested Development (who doesn't, though?!). It's one of the few shows that can make me lawl over and over and over. Can we still be friends?

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  2. Ha! That calendar shot made me giggle. Well played.

  3. We would be the best of friend in real life.
    Mike and I are currently alternating between AD and MM, re-watching old AD in prep for the new and watching the new MM, which is fantastic. It is the best show combo there is, I think- I might cry a little when it's over.

    Love that JT pic, hilarious.

  4. I would like to thank you because now I have that N*SYNC classic running through my head. I think we would be good friends :)

    1. ME TOO ever since I posted this morning. That song really sticks.

  5. Oh no! Now I have to wait 363 days to use that picture...