Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my triumphant return

"Triumphant" may be overstepping a bit, since I'm so sore I can barely walk after my walk. And "return" might be jumping the gun, since I've only gone on three walks since Thursday. I think the real issue here is that this is as much as I can see of my feet, and I have three months to go. Also, my belly appears to be lopsided. Is the baby's bum just sticking out a little on the right? Or am I going to have one of those wonky bellies that I've seen on a few pregnant ladies?

The scoop is: I haven't laced up for a power walk (read: pregnant waddle) since before Hawaii. At my last appointment, the doctor commented on the size of baby, noting that he seems to already be over a pound. I think this was her subtle mallet to the head way of saying "Hey Jess, move yo ass."

When I finally dragged myself out there at about 6:30 on Thursday morning, my first thought was, Man, this is nice. It was a beautiful temperature, a deserted street, and the sun was just peeking over the hills near our complex. Fast forward 1/4 mile, and I'm about as strained as any one of these

It's taking a lot of angry Joan Jett and buoyant MGMT (<----I'm 110% positive that music video is meant to be enjoyed while under the influence of heavy narcotics...) to propel me in a semi-forwardly direction. 

When all is said and done, it is a nice way to start my day. I came up with over a month's worth of excuses to weasel out of exercising after work, so 6:30 in the a.m. is my remaining option. I know if I don't find my groove before the true heat of summer begins (already starting...I'm going to die.) then I'll somehow work in some concern over heat stroke to justify not getting out there. And anyway, if I don't concentrate on how a 4 degree incline is making me sweaty, or that my shadow profile is looking like Alfred Hitchcock's, it really is a serene piece of time for myself.

Sidenote, I just went to go wake Sean up for work, and as he was giving me a hug he commented that "hugging [you] is taking up more of the real estate in my arms." Ah.

here's your 'grammed proof (from yesterday) of my belly's real estate. 26 weeeeeeeeks


  1. Aw, good for you! I really regret not exercising more during my pregnancy... except for those last two weeks when I was desperately trying to "walk her out" of me.

  2. I didn't exercise at ALL with Jordan, and I gained such an obscene amount of weight. It took me forever to take it off, and I just was hoping to stay ahead of the curve (pun intended?) this time. Thanks for the encouragement! I really need it...