Monday, December 10, 2012

Party Rockers

'Tis the season friends. To be jolly, to see the blazing yule, to attend ye olde office Christmas party. Fa la la la la.

I've heard that for some peeps office Christmas parties are dreaded, but not so for me. I think they're good Christian fun and an excellent opportunity to see the people I encounter professionally every workday in their natural habitat - you know, if their natural habitat were a fancy Italian restaurant in which the staff repeatedly fills your wine glass without you even having to ask or pay. Admittedly I've never considered myself a social titan, but I'm fairly at ease with all the people I work alongside, and the waiters kept giving me hits of Chardonnay so I was essentially the picture of conviviality by the end of the night.

Sean and I attended my office Christmas party last Friday. I and my good friend Kimmy, who has made my last six and half years of insurance toil oh so entertaining, had concocted what I think might be the most genius plan of 2012 entitled Zero Hour: A Christmas Party in Two Parts. Kimmy was to accompany me to my apartment - post-work, pre-party - that we might consort with one another while applying makeup, curling hair, donning absurd heels. Our Christmas Party, Part I was to begin here. Attendees: Jessie, Kimmy, Peppermint Schnapps. I've known for some time, and have informed her accordingly, that Kimmy has missed.her.calling as a professional mixologist and is wasting her vast talent by supplying insurance quotes when she could be getting all of America shmammered. She contrived a drink that not only falls into the category labelled The Best Holiday Drink I've Ever Had, but also that of The Best Drink I've Ever Had. We got our Christmas cheer on alright.

Here's the good news for you: Kimmy just started a blog! And I commanded her - commanded her I tell you - to pen a post including her recipe for The Best Drink I've Ever Had so that it could be The Best Drink You've Ever Had Too. Check it, make it, drink it.

So the only thing about this palatable peppermint potion is, if you down two of them rather quickly, you kinda forget that you and your husband very rarely dress up and should therefore take pics together in commemoration. Rather, you insist that your husband take pics of you and your lovely friend in front of the Christmas tree, because "it's a romantic setting."

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  1. hahaha. i love the post! it is so funny and so true! thanks woman!

  2. So cute!! And I love that you're wearing the dress! I always thought it would be perfect for a holiday party :)