Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in 12 Photos

I kinda really loved Dwija's link-up idea which was spawned from Laura's sweet post and would really love to play along. Please Dweej? Can I come?

MANUFACTURER'S WARNING: all but one of these pics feature Jordan. What? Don't look at me like that. She was kind of the star of 2012.

My baby sister with my baby baby.

Clone Wars.

Russian hat twinsies.

Dad, she put sand on my sock. Get it off get it off get it off.

Grandpa and I both heartily disapprove of your outfit Jordan.

Booty Pop Tutorial. Girl, I didn't know you could get down like that.

New Year's Resolution: get one other photo aside from this where we're all looking.
With no back arching or crying *Jessie*.

The Big 1.
But only two dork tooths to show for it.

Vegas on a whim. Shout-out to the 'rents for taking the girl on 30 minutes notice.
*Interesting note: no photo editing here. Crazy lighting on Fremont Street.

 Mom, seriously. What are we doing here.

Dressed to impress for Thanksgiving stuff-fest and listening to her favorite jams by The Floorboards.

 Jordan humoring her parents as they obsess over Christmas.

I tried to avoid Insta-peats for any of you followers but a couple may have slipped in. Sorry... 

So HOW awesome is this link-up idea? It is really incredible to see what a year does to your used-to-be-tiny-infant but now-she's-like-a-kid kid. It was really fun/really hard going through my archives to try and find a favorite in each month, or just something that semi-represented that month for us. All those pics, they're all that's left of 2012. But I am excited for this new year with my family. One new year, hundreds of new experiences and thousands of new pictures. Sounds like a plan.

A happy and blessed 2013 to you all.


  1. That naked baby at the beach with the chubba-wub belly is SO SO SO SO crazy cute, ehrmagherd. Love 'em all!

  2. Love it! Jordan's belly basically reigned 2012.

  3. Dunder Mifflin sweatshirt is a close second behind Jordan's belly...

  4. What a wonderful year it was! I love the picture of Grandpa and Jordan at the beach.

  5. what a great set of pics! so cute.

  6. I feel like our daughter is stealing the show :)

    1. I was so confused by this comment til I figure out it was you...sign your name dorkus.