Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Thanks for all the warm sentiments both here and via the 'gram yesterday. Sean and I are SUPER super excited, and Jordan....alright well Jordan doesn't know what's about to hit her. Sean has joked that Jordan has, however, "felt a disturbance in the force" (which, when I think about it, she probably has the ability to do)

because ever since we found out I was expecting Jordan has upped her cling status to code crimson. Don't get me wrong, it's adorable and all, but just making her eggs every morning has turned into the tiniest bit of a tribulation since she literally won't let go of my legs.

Joking aside, I think she'll actually be a rockin big sister. Jordan has nothing but utmost fascination toward people that are her size and smaller, and she has stared intently so long at a pair of twins before that the mom started giving me weird, disapproving looks. The only problem might be that Jordan doesn't seem to know her own mighty. It's happened twice now where she goes in to give a hug (both times to kids older than her) and she has actually tackled them to the ground like a linebacker. Kill them with kindness?

So far Jordan seems to approve of the situation

I guess when Sean says "kiss Mom's belly" it actually means "jump on Mom's belly and smother your sibling lovingly."

On an unrelated note: Bonnie over at A Knotted Life popped the most unexpected email in my inbox yesterday. Apparently she's hosting a round of blogging awards and I've been nominated? Who did it. Show yourself. Thank you/you guys who put my name in there! I'm e-blushing. If you so desire  you can go over and vote for me, but rest assured I'll never know if you don't. But you better believe I'd spam your inbox with hatemail if I did. I KID. I'm very honored to even have been nominated, so thanks!

A tolerable Tuesday to you, one and all.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is such a cute post and that photo of Jo-baby lying on your tummy is so precious. So excited about the voting! I obvi just voted for you and Grace allll over the place.


  2. it was me... seriously i love you and your blog and i am SSOOOOOO excited for your news, congratulations!!