Tuesday, January 8, 2013


How is this relevant to anything.

Hint: Lumière (of Beauty and the Beast for you deprived children who don't know..) is singing "Be Our Guest."..... Still no?

Ok, geez people, Lumière represents the luminous Grace Patton who just welcomed her third precious babe, Theo into the world! (And I hereby dub him Theodorable. And now Grace doesn't want to be friends with me.) Well this is all very exciting for me because a) I love babies and I love Camp Patton, so double win for me, and b) Grace has asked me to "be her guest, be her guest" and do a guest post while she's on blogternity leave! (!!!!!! - there's some more for good measure and to appropriately communicate my excitement.)

I had to think about that for -0.25 seconds before agreeing. So instead of wasting your time at this neck of the internet why don't you hop on over there? And please don't judge the other Disney reference I made in the guest post....I don't know. I watched a lot of cartoons growing up? I'm a child at heart? I'm immature? Take your pick.

Go on, get goin'!


  1. Seriously, as soon as I saw this I thought man...you are really rocking the Disney references today...anyway, that was hilarious as always...love it!!

  2. haha, i too have that song memorized :)

  3. Why you don't have hundreds - nay thousands of followers is beyond me. Looking forward to following you and the growth of your mini.

  4. Jessie! I LOVED your post at the Camp. And I LOVE your blog makeover. (I haven't been to the blog because I read you on my phone so I can take you with me everywhere.) (Creepy sign off.)