Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recap, or, Death by Photos

This Christmas was pretty much Jordan-centered. Although, upon reflection, the last 17 months have been fairly Jordancentric. I think the Bug had a ball between stuffing her rosacea'd face... getting loads of attention from other-than-everyday-persons... visiting a local neighborhood famous for their brilliant light displays...

(See, she's loving it.
I am that mom. The one who makes her child dress like Randy in a Christmas Story while all the other kids are wearing pullover sweaters.)

...getting all kinds of rad presents and looking all kinds of badass...
...reacquainting herself with her cousin, who has hopefully forgotten the last time they hung out and Jordan pushed her to the ground and laid on top of her...
"I remember you.."
Jordan grovels.

...commandeering her cousin's Christmas haul... (actually, they shared rather beautifully

until Jordan saw fit to stop her cousin mid-stroll with her baby doll, lift the toy stroller into the air and yell "MINE." Always a proud parenting moment.)

...rolling her eyes as her mother overshares with the internet and slathers way too many photos on unsuspecting readers...

I do believe I should cut myself off now. The point is we had a Very Very Merry, and hope you did too. I bet you all did, you just have more discretion than I do.


  1. I love the picture of the two of them sharing the toying. Isn't Christmas awesome with little ones?

  2. I spy an Expedit shelf with a Branas's exactly like our house, except that it's not. (I'm a little disturbed that I know the names of Ikea furnishings without looking them up...) And hey, I spy a new header too!! Lookin' good :)

  3. i love the sunglasses. she is too cute of of course, badass. she just needs to get on her bike now.

  4. Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I love Christmas with kids!